Following Match Days (without live TV coverage)

  • OK, so ahead of the new season, I wanted to ask how everyone follows match days and players they hold. I'm guessing most watch matches live on Sky/ BT but for those of us who don't have this option, how do you keep up to date with how your players are performing and make trading decisions? Radio is the other option, but I'm thinking there will be some more 'statistically focused' users who follow the game via live stats or similar. I used WhoScored during the World Cup which was useful to see how the game was playing out, particularly the heat maps, being able to switch between individual player stats and general team stats, but I'm sure there are better resources out there which others can recommend.

    Also, what are your methods for post match analysis and tracking players day to day? I have the data packs (Noir's sheet) but looking for more live individually focused data, like latest news on a player as well as their stats. Twitter is the obvious one for news, but not sure about stats.

    So which resources do you use, and can you recommend to the FI community?

  • For following matches just download an app like fotmob or sofa score and set alerts to goals, injuries, cards ect.

  • @metropolis sofa score and who scored are decent. I always use Twitter before signing anyone and obviously just googling them. Watch videos on YouTube, alsorts really. It's become any obsession 😂

  • Android app - Flashscores is very useful too. Full of stats and great to keep up with live scores in all sports. I use it often for this and betting.

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