• Now obviously his huge rise is due to his debut goal and insist but I’m think he’s still only going to keep rising surely now he’s a Liverpool player? He’s got the lot and now he’s part of a team full of goals I can only see him become a £3 player very soon. What do you think? I was going to buy in to him a couple of days ago and wish I had but maybe still get on him now if he’s going to continue growth?

  • Early days. Sounds like he had a good game yesterday and the wonder goal will help but atm I can only see him as cover for last year's front three. That is likely to restrict his involvement to sub appearances & cups.

    Who knows though, klopp might be looking to rotate this season & if that's the case my take will be very wrong!

  • I can't see him being a starter to be honest... impact sub - yes - but will struggle to push out the bigger players in the team.

  • I did consider him but thought he might be benched a lot of the time, i've always thought he'd shine at a top 5 club it's just a shame it's come later in his career, he could possibly do very well next season but i don't fancy him for a long term hold which is the game i'm playing, i do hope he does well tho!

  • I may be wrong but don't remember his PB scores being very good last season. Ovviously that was for a team that got relegated though. The only way he's worth more than what he is
    Now is if he becomes a PB monster at Liverpool. Can't see it happening myself but the beauty of FI is you get to choose for yourself so go for it if you think he could do well. Remember, the fact he's at Liverpool has already inflated his price as it is.

  • @Stevo People don't think about MB or PB when they buy players on the Index. They just think about the name. Sane and Sterling are around £4 and never win PB or MB. In reality they should be trading at about 70p but nobody cares.

  • You certainly all have good points. I’m looking at the index at the moment and I just think why not. I think you’re right about his current price I wouldn’t buy in yet because I think he’ll drop again but then I think would be a good time to do it. That’s just me.

  • Just deposited and bought him, so in theory 10% up already, plus he's already got 420 MB points on a Sunday (traditionally quiet news days.......) so likely some dividends on top.

    That's the great thing about the deposit bonus, if you've got some spare cash you can have a punt knowing you've got a 10% cushion :-D

    He's best PB score of 2018 is 206 (during the WC) came 2nd to Coutinho on the day. though. Previously 1 single day PB win - I don't know what he scored though as I only started tracking in 2018.

  • @HappyLarry59855 if people don't think about PB and MB then why are all the most expensive players the ones who win the buzz the most regularly?

    Trust me in 6 months when Shaqiri has won jack sh*t buzz he'll be back to about about £1.50.

  • @Stevo Trust you? You think it will take as long as 6 months for Shaqiri to go back down to £1.50. I wouldn't bet against 1 or 2 months. The guy is a hype job.
    As for PB and MB, if people do think about it then why are Sterling and Sane priced so high when they won me nothing in 6 months. They're pointless and overpriced. Not all the highly priced players win often. They're just there for the sake of it. Dele Alli is another one who didn't win much.

  • @HappyLarry59855 There are some players that seem overpriced based on previous dividend returns, that's true - someone like Sane is a good example. But presumably people holding expect him to return more in future? Or looking at it another way, why did you buy and hold him for six months?

    Anyway, regardless of those few examples you've picked out, the point stands that people clearly do think about MB and PB when they buy, otherwise all prices would be completely random. Instead, almost all the top-priced players have regularly returned dividends and look likely to continue to do so.

  • @Stevo couldn't agree more. Whilst there are players like sterling and sane who in my opinion are overpriced the majority of player prices do vary as their potential dividend earnings change

  • @HappyLarry59855 this contradicts your above statement on people not caring about dividends. If his price drops as you expect it will be because his pb performances and therefore his dividend returns are not as high as people currently hope they will be.

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