Sell-off after bonus offer expired???

  • Am I alone in thinking once bonus offer period has expired there’s gonna be a bit of a sell off? Seen as there’s no play through terms I’ve got a feeling most traders who deposited will be cashing out on a percentage of there bonus if not all of it. People seeing it as free money and then the fear of a sell off and the panick selling if it does come, on top as well.
    I think there’s gonna be a mini crash on current values come Wednesday but still the market will be much higher than it was before bonus offer and then another mini spike once sell off hits low point.
    Hope I’m wrong but even if it comes the platform would still have grown significantly which overall is reassuring.

  • I'm wondering if FI are planning to introduce new IPOs this week to encourage people to keep their money in the platform?

  • To be fair, there normally quite good at stimulating the market at the right time so may be your right.
    I joked on twitter that I hope the cheaters trying to steel money from the index are the same ones that nick all the IPO’s at their initial prices giving the rest of us a chance🤞🏻

  • @Dulix sounds like you know the answer already mate, I’ve said the exact same thing for the last days. It will defo drop but will be higher than when started.

    I tried to avoid it by just increasing my youngsters, they have risen 10% and I’m hoping they won’t suffer as bigger drop in August as most would be holding for longer terms in mind.

  • What's to stop people selling off now? Through the bonus period?? Some traders may have done it and are just waiting for the bonus to come before they cash out?

  • @B1992G I think this makes more sense,there's nothing to stop anyone selling the 500 neymars they bought at a 50p profit an leave the money in til Tuesday,anyone hoping to market sell neymars etc on Tues have left it too late I think.

  • @Twitcher yep be way to late. Gotta get them sales in early doors

  • Yes exactly. Just replied to this on another thread. Anyone who wanted to sell could have sold by now then just withdraw the cash after the period

  • That’s a very fair point and am sure and hope your right but I still think a lot of people hadn’t listed yet hoping for a continual rise over the weekend at least and then list to market from tomorrow . I’d imagine there’s an awful long selling list on a few players and some people will get impatient and start ISing which may cause panic in some traders.
    Suppose will just have to see how the market reacts over the next week

  • I think just as many will get fed up of waiting and simply cancel the queue sell.By the time they sell the market will realise it's not the Armageddon and prices will start to rise again in the usual fashion.

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