Chinese Super League

  • Apologies if this has been asked before, but what happens if you own shares in a player and they move to a league not covered by the football index such as the Chinese Super League.

    Also what happens if they move back to a League. How is the future value decided. Say Hulk joins a Premier League side, what value would his future be?

  • You can pretty much guarantee a players value will drop massively if moving from a PB league to a league without it, and vice versa.

    Definitely sell up as early as possible if moving out!!

  • @NewUser150456 Player values depend entirely on how many futures in them are bought and sold. Generally speaking it's reasonable to assume more people will sell their futures in a player who moves to a league not eligible for performance buzz, so their price will drop. On the other hand, a player who moves into a PB league will generally have improved chances of winning dividends, and therefore more traders will buy them and the price will increase.

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