Jumping the bonus deposit sell off queue

  • i am new to FI i was wondering if poeple think the drop in price will start on the evening of the 31st

  • @NewUser156589 I bet ppl have already started cueing, I’m sure I read that u can sell players freely without losing bonus, just not withdraw? Could be wrong havnt looked into it

  • I think the worst has already happened.There probably will be a bit of a drop but can't see it being massive,why would people withdraw just before the adverts kick in?.There will be people who overspent to get a better bonus who will withdraw,but I think most will be looking at how to get more money in!.I may be wrong of course.

  • We've been able to buy and sell freely throughout the bonus period so long as we don't withdraw. I don't see why a massive sudden drop would happen

  • @Indexical
    Anyone who was worried about a drop could have already sold players and just have the cash in the bank ready to withdraw on the 1st

  • @Indexical those people would be very short sighted indeed. Far better to leave your money in while the platform grows, and withdraw x5 times as much in 6 months / a year!

  • @gloryhornet88 I completely agree but from what I’ve learnt from the platform, it doesn’t work by logic it seems to work by everyone second guessing what people will do and being first to do it and generally for most, fear of losing money short term might cloud there long term judgement. Plus plenty will predict a drop and try and come back in at a profit. This could cause a few traders to panick. For me that’s to much hassle I’ll just hold.
    Just trying to look at it from all angles.

  • I won’t be cashing out anything, I aim to build and put back my bonus into my young ones.

  • I think it may drop slightly from the usual people panicking that dont realise you can sell anytime but cant withdraw. They will be back though when the sky adverts kick in and FI is released in canada and ireland. Boom again!

  • Anyone thinking of selling your mad , as soon as the season starts there'll be a boooooooom

  • I have a £17k portfolio. Most money is invested in younger developing players. Whilst others' portfolios rose mine stayed the same but continues rising steadily. It's usually the big players where things drop large or go up large lol.

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