Next seasons salah?

  • Obviously very hard to call, but which mid priced player do you see as being able to hit the near £10 mark next year?

  • Leroy Sane

  • Ive gone Naby keita, if pre season is anything to go by he looks filth

  • Fekir (if he signs), Shaquiri or Aubamayang.

  • Javier Hernandez at 78 pence looks a bargin

  • @NewUser159623 said in Next seasons salah?:

    Javier Hernandez at 78 pence looks a bargin

    Aye ... definitely a £10 player right there!?!

  • @NewUser159623 said in Next seasons salah?:

    Javier Hernandez at 78 pence looks a bargin

    In your heart of hearts, do you really think Javier Hernandez will be the new season's Salah ? Do you think he will be top scorer in the league, dominate the sports back pages, win media buzz every day, be a constant threat to win PB every week, overtake Messi and Ronaldo in the Football Index price lists.

    Or do you think he is just a reasonably priced forward that might jump in price if you spam the forum saying he is a bargain regardless of whether or not your spamming relates to the actual thread ?

  • @mike778 sorry I ment to comment on the Jimminez thread below. My bad

  • Maybe he meant to reply to my thread about Jimenez being the cheapest striker on the PL, which righly so he just confirmed that he is not.

  • Aubamayang for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I still think Pogba is underpriced

  • How do we know there will be another salah this year? I think the whole set of players will gradually increase due to introduction of new money with the advertising etc but not sure about one turning from a £2 player into a £10 player.

    To find another player capable of rivalling neymar, Messi and Ronaldo two years running will be very tough.

    I can only see someone who plays for Man Utd or Liverpool achieving this as they are he only clubs that generate enough media buzz along with the other required ingredients.

    If he hit the ground running and plays regularly for Madrid, vinicius junior could be sooner or later but I don't think he'll play enough next season.

    Pogba, if man Utd have an amazing season and he's the main man.

  • Agreed , to do a salah, it would probably need to be a new striker from a top 6 team. PEA seems the only real candidate but very unlikely. Maybe if chelsea buy a striker but cant see higuin generating salah type hype.

    The player would need to be the clubs dominant media guy so that rules out anyone from liverpool or probably spurs and probably city. Mourinho likes lukaku so that may rule them out. A possible chelsea forward seems the best bet but still unlikely.

  • There probably wont be another salah , just like there wont be another messi, ronaldo. It will be another type of player that everyone wants. Maybe a 50p defender that rurns into a pb god. And everyone will be looking for the next one one of them.

  • Every season it seems there’s a player that just turns it on, whether that’s Michu, Mahrez, Ramsey, or Salah.

    I feel like one of Morata, Lukaku, or PEA will come good and smash a 30 goal season.

  • Can anyone help. I'm new to FI and I haven't received Maguire dividends from the other day and shaqiri from yday. I purchased before 2pm and still had them after 12pm.

    Still not received dividends and FI aren't getting back to me?

  • @NewUser158435 they took double money out of my account and haven't got back to me either mate. They will do though. They always seem to have these glitches but these always seem to get sorted out within a few days.

    Not an ideal answer I know but way it seems to be currently.

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