Ruben Neves and Diogo Jota

  • So, anyone else think these two are going to rocket this season? The last four weeks, they have just kept going north. When the season gets into swing and Jota bangs in the goals with Neves controlling games. These two are going to dominate the press this season, even more so being apart of the premier league new boys.

    To add on the above, Neves is going to gain a hell of a lot of interest from the big boys over the coming 12-24 months.

    Let me know if you guys agree or not.

  • I am really curious to see how Wolves will do in the PL. Neves isn't that cheap anymore but surely has potential to move to a top team in the end of the season if not before, in my opinion. But will need need to prove he can perform at the PL level. Jota proved to be ruthless in front of the goal last season, again can he keep it up in the PL? How is it going to work now with Jimenez arrival?

    You still have Helder Costa and why not to mention Ivan Cavaleiro! I vouch for Wolves to be on top half in the end of the season.

  • I absolutely agree on all your comments, Neves isn't cheap but can see a 100% increase on his current price within 6 - 12 months.

    Cav and Costa can also take the league by storm too. There is a possibility that Cav will get moved on if Wolves sign Adama Traore. The other Wolves player that is a good one for the future is Morgan Gibbs-White, very cheap with a lot of potential

  • @Zero-to-Hero Jota will be at one of Europe's big boys within a season or two, in my opinion. I got on him early, 700 futures at 93p, so i'm enjoying his pre season goals, bodes well. Funnily enough there's another "jota" making, not the other one at Birmingham but ANOTHER one...João Pedro Neves Filipe otherwise known as "Jota", plays for Benfica B and scored a brace for Portugal in the Under 19's Euros final earlier today. He's not on FI yet, but i'll be emailing them tomorrow to suggest him for IPO, one for the future!!

  • Let me guess, you’re a Wolves fan

  • @NewUser75959 No...Ipswich...Couldn't be more wrong really could you ha ha ha, given our lack of money and Wolves' resources. I think whatever Wolves do this coming season, it's a great shop window for their players and i expect a few to be picked off by bigger clubs come the end of the season. Just an opinion.

  • @Bernie-Madoff
    I should have meant, the OP must be a Wolves fan. I just don’t see Neves getting to top 5 most expensive midfielders and I say that as someone who made hundreds on him from IPO to £2.50 a future.

  • I'm a Wolves fan and theres definite value in the Wolves market. I also brought Jota and Neves on the cheap. Jota's had a really big rise of late and as an attacking, exciting threat he will be on everyones radar if he hits the ground running.
    I've been reluctant to invest in Cavaleiro and Costa purely because I'm not as confident that they'll be in the headlines this season - either could be moved on should Traore make the move from Middlesbrough.
    Another I'v invested a small amount in is Boly. An absolute tank and at 27 there is the possibility of transfer talk to a bigger club if he can repeat his form of last season. An absolute rock who makes the game look easy.

  • I’d be very cautious suggesting any Wolves players will dominate headlines this season. They may well pick up a few buzz points for the odd wonder goal, but unless they can pull in interest over a new haircut or Instagram post they aren’t going to be classed as MB magnets anytime soon.

  • When reality kicks in and They start the campaign They need to hit the ground running Neves is a rich mans wanyama shakiri Ali hybryd all roled into one from What ive seen!! Defensive midfielder who scores wondergoals and set pieces sorry If im wrong Has for Jota hes on a par with Tosun or Austin Maybe Good If They do Well however If They start off like a damp firework people may cash in too.... just my take off info i read and highlights i see!!! Feel free to correct me If im wrong Has No expert with Wolves

  • I'm not saying they will win media buzz. To suggest Wolves players will win MB is quite frankly ridiculous. Both Neves and Jota were fantastic last year. Both are 21 and are both long term investments in my eyes. Neves has captained Porto in the Champions League and Jota came through at Athletico Madrid and has been finding the net for the Portuguese u21's, with it being just a matter of time before he gets called up for the seniors.
    I'd expect Wolves to surprise a few teams this season and should I be proved wrong I'd still expect some special moments from these two.
    Neves plays like a 28 year old. Even the few games I saw him play for Portugal he bossed the midfield, pinging 40 yard balls for fun.
    The fact Neves is already on the radar of United and Liverpool goes to show how much ability the lad has.

  • You didn’t, but the OP said Neves and Jota would dominate the press this season...

  • I think they will be in the press a lot, if the team performs as a whole. Don't get me wrong, not like your Harry Kanes and Lakaku's, but if Wolves hit the ground running, then they we attract the MB. A lot of people are underestimating Wolves and thats because they're fans of teams already in the prem and ignore anything outside of it, Which I am totally happy with, I think there is some great value in a few Wolves players this season. If I am wrong, then so be it. I think being a Wolves fan has nothing to do with it, as I am very open and unbiased about this and try to run with my head and not my heart, otherwise I would be in serious trouble.

  • I've got a funny feeling Wolves will struggle. I think there are too many "luxury" players and if the going gets tough they'll be in deep trouble. There's barely any difference between 10th and 18th any more!

  • That said, I didn't know Neves and Jota were 21.. definite future investments!!!

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