Fastest footballer in the world

  • Luis advincula has just signed for Rayo vallocano in la liga,at 36p with a 1p spread sure there’s money to be made here,he looked very good at the World Cup as well

  • Very cheap for a La Liga forward.
    With his pace there's a good chance he will grab a few goals.

    Low risk high reward this one.

    I'm in.

    Can't go wrong with a 1p spread

  • I've being holding him since the World Cup as he had a decent tournament and was convinced someone would pick him up at some point.

    Shame it's not a bigger fish but it only takes one decent season before the big boys take an interest.

    I think Andre Carrillo might get snapped up too and hopefully on a better deal than a loan to Watford!

  • Listed as a defender on here??

    I thought he was a winger.

  • @Agatello

    Easy tiger..

  • @Comrade Defo a right sided full or wing back from what I've seen (admittedly I don't watch Mexican football :-) )

    Ha @Happy-Hornet it was the loan element rather than the team I was referring to... Honest Guv! ;-) any rumours of trying to buy him or didn't he do enough to warrant it?? He's still at Benfica isn't he??

  • @Agatello

    Quick, tidy player and I liked him, correct though looks like he has moved on from Watford as a loan. Seems like he has signed for money - Al-Hital Riyadh for a year..

  • @Happy-Hornet yeah I read that but didn't think it was nailed on, might as well ship him on now.

    I noticed El Kaabi got the big move I was predicting... just a shame it's to Hebei China Fortune or whatever they're called :-(

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