Rules for cashing out?

  • Do any of you use any hard and fast rules to when you cash out on a player? I've been growing a steady portfolio by often cashing out when a player has increased by 20%.

    This has made me miss out on some big risers (Maguire), but is a reasonable return.

    Intrigued to see how others decide.

  • A good bulk of my players are young players and have the potential for a lot more growth so I'm in it for the long haul with these guys.

    Players I'm more likely to cash in are the older players who I feel will struggle to grow even more.

  • I normally have a price in my head i expect them to reach and if/when they reach that price ill sell half of my holding then leave the other half to see what happens.... normally pretty much leaving the profit to ride, and using the money from the sale to get into some1 else!!

  • @the_timallen I will buy a Lookman for £1.29. I will then look at players who are similar ability that are priced at £2.20ish, and then sell Lookman when he reaches that price. Rinse and repeat. Terrier, Grandsir, Lookman, Tielemans I've doubled my money roughly.

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