Uribe's price rise and youth price rises on FI

  • Firstly, Uribe has been on a steady rise and I'm not sure I understand why.
    He isn't leaving Club America, he is actually quite content at the club, there has been no rumours or approaches from abroad.
    Why has he risen roughly 14p in the last 7 days?

    Secondly, the youth price rises that have happened over the past week.
    people are putting a lot into future investments and tying up a lot of cash into players that will not get reg game time or are not in PB leagues.
    I can understand a one-year investment, for example, Mount and some of the other young Chelsea lads but it's a lot of capital to tie up.

    thanks for any replies and explanations to this.

  • Because we all hope to pick up the next Neymar for 70p a share and get 20x our money back

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