Bonus offer EXTENDED?!

  • Does this mean people now have to not withdraw until the 6th? What if some people don't realise and withdraw just after 23:59 tonight?

  • For those not on Twitter or haven't seen the message yet:

    "Due to popular demand the 10% Deposit Bonus has been extended

    You now have until 23:59 on Monday 6th

    Make sure you OPT-IN below (T&C's apply)

    #FootballINDEX #FICommunity"

  • What about those of us who have carefully planned and budgeted following the original rules and now need to withdraw cash on the 1st ?

  • Personally not convinced this is due to popular demand...think they need some time to get the house into shape.

    Negative feedback on twitter from people that want / need the bonus on the 1st - or want to make withdrawals but now can't for a much longer period of time (as i fully expect bonuses won't be paid until the 6th and any withdrawals before then will invalidate the offer as per T&Cs)

  • Will be harsh if people withdrawing on the 1st don't get their bonus because the deadline is now 6th

  • Agreed, particularly as I don't use twitter anymore and so only just noticed the small advert whilst on the website. They should email out to all customers if this does mean a change in the T and C's for withdrawal.

  • It doesn't affect me (waiting doesn't change my plans of impact cash flow) but for anybody concerned i would call customer services as it is not clear what this means for those who entered into the bonus offer before this recent announcement. They may still get the bonus on the first but i highly doubt it.

  • I hope it's simply because FI had tech issues last weekend and need more time to sort this out, before they start paying out bonuses.

    But the cynic in me thinks it's a tactic to trick customers into withdrawing on 1st August and therefore invalidate their claim to a bonus.

    It doesn't make any difference to me because an extra week without the money is not a problem and I have the self-discipline to not re-spend the money I have waiting in my FI account for withdrawal. But I have sympathy for those it does affect.

  • @Matt-FI

    I hope you're right, but i think the revised T&C's suggests otherwise:

    "2. Entry Period: The offer runs from 26/07/2018, 13:00 (BST.) until 06/08/2018, 23:59 (BST.); the Promotional Period."

    "7. You will forfeit the bonus should you withdraw during the promotional period."

  • The Ts&Cs have changed, do you legally have the right to use the Ts&Cs at the time you deposited??

    It seems only fair? I guess if you deposit again you then accept new Ts&Cs???

    I don’t know how much the bonus payment would be in total, but we are only a few hours away from it!
    You think there’s a chance they haven’t got enough to pay it???

  • Yep that would suggest no withdrawals. I haven't actually been able to get through to customer services. I am still not 100% certain I can sell any shares as long as I don't withdraw cash, without invalidating the bonus. Ideally I would have that in writing from them. Very unlucky they are so busy.

  • @ocs123 My prediction was that people will need to wait until the 6th now...and T&Cs appear to confirm.

    This will not be a trick to get customers to withdraw on the 1st to lose the bonus - that is indeed very cynical and almost certainly incorrect.

    I believe they simply do not have the technical/admin capacity to pay the bonuses tomorrow due to various recent problems with disappearing players and late / non payment of dividends. I think they are wise to get everything properly sorted out rather than potentially make things worse. If this is at the cost of a delayed bonus then so be it...just very unlucky for certain individuals who may have planned very carefully based on original offer dates

  • @Ringers

    They can do whatever they want...these T&Cs are not unique to FI...all promoters use them.

    1. Events may occur that result in the promoter extending, refusing, reclaiming, cancelling, terminating, modifying or suspending a promotion, these terms and/or the awarding of prize(s) at any point and for any reason. These may be due to a third party’s illegal activity, technical difficulties and/or any other reasons beyond the control of the promoter and accordingly the entrant agrees that the promoter shall have no liability as a result thereof.

    23.We reserve the right to amend any promotion or bonus offer and its terms at any time, including the cancellation of the promotion.

  • Great news, offer extended, c'mon people lets have more money into FI so our players can rise. Why would people want to withdraw any money right now, FI is only going in one direction. If you find yourself in a situation where you really need to withdraw only a few days after sticking the money in then maybe gambling is not for you.

  • I can't see what the problem is. It makes up for the issues last weekend, it extends the time people can put money in (meaning more people as some may still be getting paid in the coming days) and with it being closer to the start of the PL, there may be less of a sell off. All these people like "Oh but I made plans", well I made plans to buy PEA during the summer when his price dropped but instead it just kept rising...these things happen and it does specificy in the terms and conditions that this is a possibility. I do understand some people’s genuine e frustration though, especially if they were planning to put it back into the index and buy more shares

  • Bring on them gains 📈💪🏻

  • The main issue for me, is that FI seem to continually change the goal posts and just make up the rules as they go along.

    That's fine if it's the local under 10's football sweepstakes, but this is a platform that users have thousands of pounds invested in.

  • My only issue is whilst this offer is on and customer services are unreachable, I can't get confirmation that I can sell shares without affecting my bonus. That question will now take days longer to answer.

  • With the influx of new users that have arrived recently it doesn't look greatly proffesional or help to shake off the 'is it a scam' view people can have when they are changing their own rules and will scare newvies off when they feel they can't withdrawl for weeks when they were under the impression it would be a few days. My portfolio has taken a 2% hit since the news but that could just be a co-incidence first time it's dropped in weeks tho.

  • @NewUser147385 I don't think there was ever an issue regarding the selling of shares, all you needed to do to qualify for the bonus was deposit and buy players, there is nothing stopping you from selling them, the only thing that would stop the bonus being paid at this point is withdrawing cash from the index

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