buying Go To Market players

  • I understand how to sell to Go To Market but how do i buy Go To Market players other users have listed?

    this is not mentioned in the game rules and if so, it points to a dead link...

  • @NewUser83219 You click the blue button 'buy'. Unless I've misinterpreted your question.

  • @NewUser83219 it's not a separate thing - the options are buy, sell or sell to market. So you can only buy at the shown sale price but there are two selling options

  • @pwp23 but surely if i click sell to the market im selling to real humans?

  • @NewUser83219 yes or the market maker - the shop offers a price and all the people in the shop offer a price too (i'm sure someone else can explain this better). FI is a basic stock exchange

  • Here's what I think is most likely happening:
    When you market sell a player you are selling him to other traders. Instant selling is selling direct to FI who act as a market maker in this situation. When you buy a player the system will look to see if anyone is in the sell queue, if there are you will buy the player off the seller at the top of the queue. If there's no one in the queue then you buy the player from FI who again act as the market maker.
    However, the fact that you can't see the sell queue or see any time and sales means the above isn't provable

  • Yes that about sums it up.

    When you sell to market you are in the queue, waiting for someone to buy. There may or may not be others ahead of you. I'm pretty sure it's legit, but a sell queue would be a good addition too.

  • Sell to market & trackers are a bit gimmicky, to try and make the site seem like a real stock market - the tracker should really be tracking the Footsie or the top 20 players as they change for example. I guess over time new innovations will make it more and more like other stock markets.

    This kind of relates to growth of the site too - it people from other countries can buy players then the Footsie will grow massively but if each country has it's own Football Index then this site's growth is then limited

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