Saturday trading glitch in relation to deposit bonus

  • Hi all, sorry if this has come up elsewhere in the forum but can't say I've come across it before.

    So with the deposit bonus, we have to have bought futures using all of the money deposited to get the 10%. I was one of the people who tried to buy shares on Saturday and had funds removed from my balance and it shows up in my transaction history but without anything to show for it in my portfolio.

    Does this mean that therefore I won't have technically reached the criteria for spending all my deposit as nearly £200 of it is currently missing in the football index ether?

    Anybody else with a similar experience? I have today emailed customer services but understand their current backlog so not expecting anything too quickly.

  • In theory you should be OK if you have spent all of your deposit on players (and have a record of that in your transaction history), even if they are not showing in your portfolio.

    But I don't think anyone can say for certain. Uncharted territory really.

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