Top 3 EPL players that give Watford fans the Heebie-jeebies when we play against them

  • These players give Watford fans nightmares when we play against them (well me they do) - not sure they translate into great FI buys but here goes:-

    Wilfred Zaha - tricky as you like, always tries and wins a penalty, although his nemesis is Harry the Hornet (which is funny)

    Riyad Mahrez - tricky as you like, intelligent and never wastes a ball (sweet left foot)

    Eden Hazard - tricky as you like, subtle, well balanced, cool in possession, quality

    As a disclosure small holding in each.

    Anybody else have three players, that just well worry you, when your team play against them?

  • @Happy-Hornet anyone that’s tricky as you like

  • Eric Dier; tricky as you like.

  • @Happy-Hornet being a Chelsea fan not a lot worries me (and that’s not big headed) except playing arsenal! They do shite all year then magic Aload of trickery and play brilliant against us. Never no what’s gonna happen against them.

  • peter crouch. tricky as you like

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