trading for profit

  • @NewUser158120 no, i think not in all. I cant see someone buying players like Ibrahimovic now and in the future.

  • yes. ive been on here for 6 months. and players have naturally grown. out of the 3 players i own only 2 are in the red. and i know i aint a great trader. the platform and therefore prices are on the whole growing. the FOOTIE number in the top right shows this day by day.
    if anyone tracks it, would be interesting to know how much the FOOTIE has grown in 6 months?

  • sorry that should say 35 players i own.........not 3!!!!!!

  • But if you have one hundred thousand new users by end of 2019, Every new user will have to buy any player (like Harry Kane) which would automatically increase his price due to stock demand regardless of performances

  • Welcome! I started very slow too, learned a bit about the dinamics and now I am more confident to invest a little more, even though I am still relatively new here. Your £150 will surely be enough for you to get a grip with the platform and probably soon realise that you need a good bit more than £150 if you are to make real money.

    I seen people making a lot of cash in dividends, but obviously you will have to buy expensive players to improve your chances and as they are expensive you need more investment to grab a decent share of futures. Investing in cheap young players can be a good and low risk strategy, but you might get bored before the players mature and increase value (and probably dividends won't come).

    Try different things and you will soon find your own way. Good luck!

  • Yes correct . Im up 2% in one day. however this is just 3 pound profit haha. I was just thinking i may aswell hang onto premier league player as the FI increases users the prices will increase regardless

  • @NewUser158120 prices will go up across the board, defo with all the adverts. It’s hard to go majorly wrong at the moment.

    Young players under a £1 will go up if they look like there gonna be good 1st team players in a couple of years. But they won’t get you dividends until they eventually get there big transfer. (All my 15 young players have increased 20% in 2 weeks)

    Dividend winning players you have only got to really look at the top 25 most expensive players...there in the top 25 for a reason. But there obviously gonna cost loads to make it worth a decent amount of dividend return.

    My advice if your starting and havnt got 6k plus to invest, would be pick 10 good prospect youngsters under 21 and stick equally what u can afford into them. £100 in each of the 10 if you can. Sit back and watch them rise over the course of the season. Do research on google for good young talent 18/19.

    Then to keep you busy I would use an extra £100 to watch the news and feeds to see if you can master quick flipping a player that gets a temporarily rockets up there ass’s! ... rinse-repeat.

  • I started with £50 a few months ago and have just thrown in another 50. Short term acquisitions, best off players coming back from a few months out injured. Prime example, Jack Grealish. Just spent 3 months out injured and was 86p per share when I signed up, made a tidy profit from him but didn't realise properly how this all worked. Obviously the injury isn't the only factor but now he's over £2 per share.. just a cheeky tip.

  • @NewUser38991 where the fuck have you got 83k safe cash from?

  • @Stevo Not everyone here is broke. Millionaires and broke people can all play this game.

  • Personally I would wait until 8th August when the deposit bonus is over and invest then - I think they’ll be general future price drop next week. But i’m naturally cautious in my approach.

    Others will say it’s a bull market, invest now.

    Perhaps invest half now and half next week to hedge your bets?

  • @HappyLarry59855 thanks for the update. I don't think I need google any more cos you've got an answer for everything.

  • @NewUser115892 I joined FI end of March and I remember the footie being exactly 16000 so gone up a least 50% since I joined

  • @Stevo Ha-ha, that was very funny sarcasm. It gave me a chuckle. Lol.

  • @Stevo said in trading for profit:

    @HappyLarry59855 thanks for the update. I don't think I need google any more cos you've got an answer for everything.


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