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  • have been on here since January, so have been on here a while and think i have a good understanding of how the index works / what moves prices.........but it only occured to me the other day that it is only instant selling that actually moves prices. i.e. if i sell to market, then it means someone else is buying an equal amount so it wont move the price at all. am i definitely correct in this conclusion?

  • @NewUser115892 nope youre half right. So shares being listed for sale to market lowers the price. When they are purchased it increases again so sold to market shares net as 0 but if a lot of players are listed it will dent the price

  • okay. great thanks. i guess once / if they introduce order books (which i guess will be like the betfair platform), it will provide greater transparency on this?
    so if loads of people are queuing to sell a player at the same price, but nothing gets traded this will lower the price? regardless if any of them get matched?

  • How do people see an order book working?

    Surely if I'm the first person to put a sell / buy order for 100 futures at a certain price then no-one else can, because once the price increases / drops to that price and my 100 go in / out then the price would usually change (going by the slightly inaccurate +/- 100 = +/-1p) ??

    I know people don't want to live on FI and have to constantly watch but I just can't see how they'll implement the order book? Thoughts?

  • I think the last week has shown that FI are in no position to introduce this. They’re struggling to run the existing system without problems, so changing the system should not be a priority.

    I shouldn’t complain because it’s small fry compared to some people’s problems, but yet again I had a few futures sell last week for below the reserve price I had set. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that the order book would be able to buy and sell at the correct price.

  • @ocs123 I don't think the reserve price has ever worked!!! Completely agree this is the sort of thing that needs to be sorted before implementing changes.

  • @AT10 I think the +1p per 100 rule will be scrapped once order books come in. That rule is FI determining the price whereas the whole point is for the price to be purely determined by the market. I agree though that this is a long long way off!

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