Jesus or Aguero

  • What is everyone’s thoughts on the striker situation at Manchester City, can you see Jesus being first choice by Christmas and if so how high can his price go? I am thinking of selling all my Aguero and topping up on Jesus!

  • Hopefully he performs better than he did in the world cup otherwise he will be in League One! He is the only blemish in my portfolio so far.

  • Really hard to say! I still think that Aguero will get Man City more goals than Jesus, but is a hard one to predict in my opinion.

  • Put all your faith in Jesus.

  • Great question. I think by seasons end they will have played a similar amount of games. Probably similar goals...but expect to see Jesus with slightly better growth as newcomers get on board due to his age and future

  • Personally I’d say Aguero will do better. He is world class, Jesus has only shown signs he could be one day. I’d have aguero getting hatricks/pbs next season for sure. He’s well and truly adapted to peps style and pep loves him.

    I don’t hold aguero in FI just my dream team 👍🏻

  • I see people losing big time on aguero. Especially if he clears off back to SA. Look at zlatan. Jesus is a much safer bet and good for many years. Aguero may get pb mb but Jesus will get as much and he was ahead of aguero last season even when he wasn't injured.

  • When you think they have sane, sterling and de brune, maherez, that’s a lot of goals right there, Jesus or aguero aren’t worth buying imo. Better striker value elsewhere.

  • Hard with city isn’t it. So much talent. If I was to say safest bet to guarantee PB I’d choose otemendi or Laporte whoever is the regular come day 1

  • Jesus has returned 5p in the last year.

    So you are buying potential really. Going by dividend yield he is grossly over valued. People talk about kane returns being dissapointing but he has literally returned 45 times as much.

    It depends on whether you think he can turn it round index wise. If he has another 5p year then logically he should crash downwards although index doesnt always work logically.

  • I just don’t see any value, who would you say the best player is?, no one is head and shoulders.

    Look at other clubs best players, Chelsea hazard, Manu Sanchez, liverpool, Salah, Spurs, Kane.

    All those strikers have a lot of potential to be £10 players, I doubt a City player will because they are all good.

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