Buying more shares when comfortably in the Green

  • I still can't get my head around whether this is worth it?

    I have 50p-£1.50 profit on some players but it feels like I'm losing profit if I buy more shares.

    I would be buying for a lower price than current buy price but does anyone have any views on this?

    I guess buying in the Green ultimately takes you closer to the red

  • I'm not sure what you mean when you say you would be buying at lower than the current buy price. Your average buy price would be lower but at the time you buy you pay the current price. The thing to remember is that when you buy in the green your overall profit doesn't change, just your profit per player. Bottom line is if you think the player is going to increase further then you should still buy. If you never bought players you already owned that were in the green you would have to constantly buy new players and get in a right mess.

  • @Specksynder yeah that's what I meant. It's a lower buy price that I'd be left with. The profit is shared but you're closer to losing money per share.

    It's the feeling that I'd buy more shares but not for the current buy price...

    And I have only bought new players/opportunities and my portfolio is up 17% so it's not been too much of a mess. Fairly happy just at a crossroads now on whether to start bulking up my current portfolio even more 👍🏽

  • @FootyIndexerLT I know the feeling and struggle psychologically to buy more players when they've gone up already. I end up searching for new players that seem a better deal to add to my portfolio onstead.

  • @FootyIndexerLT

    It all depends where you think the players price is going. If you think they've hit their peak then you should be selling, however if they've got more growth then buy more.

    I was holding 50 shares in PEA at £2.50ish a future, when he reached £3 I thought there was still more growth in him so bought another 50. Made my green column look worse, but he's since rocketed up....

    It's difficult but you need to look past the green (or red) and decide what you think is going to happen over the period you'd be happy to hold and make a decision based on that.

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