Yerry mina

  • What is the ceiling for defenders? Mina hit 2.33 last night so I flipped him as vv dijk was less.

  • I reckon you did the right thing.

  • Disagree here chaps for a couple of reasons.

    1. Mina has a far superior scoring ratio to VVD and much better than anyone else around. Ivan Marcano, now at Roma, is the only one that even comes close to him from what I can see.

    2. It's debatable whether Defenders should have this self-imposed ceiling at all. They win the same dividends as other positions and it's not like they never win the Star Dividends either.

    Yes there's more Defenders playing at any one time than strikers and there's less Media/Glamour associated with that position - BUT if you check out the PB % yield using Football Index Edge or @Noirx4 's data you'll see that Defenders are massively abundant through the top 30 as they're obviously cheaper - on the flip side there's very few that appear on the MB % yield. HOWEVER when you combine the 2 together I'd say they're on a par.

    So in my opinion (which I'm sure many won't agree with) defenders are very good value below £3 and over time they'll keep rising beyond that - especially the regular goalscorers of which Yerry Mina could well be top dog :-)

  • £3 has been about as high as defenders usually go but Mina at united could be a superstar. He has an incredible goal scoring record and could be a PB monster.

    He also usually gets mentioned by his full name, I've not seen him called 'Mina' anywhere. So could be good for an occasional MB of he gets some goals.

    On the other hand he could flop and be £1 by this time next month. I'm a little concerned about interviews where he says his confidence was knocked and he could barely make a pass in training. Not great if he has Mourinho's motivational stratagy of public slatings every week!

  • Admittedly he's not perfect and by all accounts no racing snake, however his aerial ability at defending set pieces as well as his attacking threat is a MAJOR plus for anyone. From what I've seen he looks like comfortable on the ball (I can't imagine Barca would have bought him in the first place if he wasn't.

    On the ceiling front I suppose it depends on what you're happy with in terms of yield. Take Isco and Dybala for example running at 10-11% since August 2017. If you reverse engineer Jon Stones and Ricardo Rodriguez's returns to the same %'s they should both be worth £5. (there's a load of better returning defenders but didn't want to use them as examples as I'd get shot down based on age!)

  • If he goes to united he could have every chance of PB.if he goes to one of the other teams he has been linked with,Everton for example he will find it a lot harder,or he could stay at Barca and hardly play.VVD only played half a season at Liverpool so his stats are a bit skewed.

  • Yeah it's a bit tricky to directly compare VVD and Mina. One's established at at a top side and 99% certain to win dividends, the other is potential personified at the right club.

  • I did hold Mina for his goal scoring,I sold up too early an thought about buying back in when the links continued but felt his price was a bit too high.He will defiantly score goals though!.I don't hold VVD either,I do need more defenders,might get on marcano at 75p!.

  • @Twitcher he's a steal if he plays, can't see why he won't, Fazio and Manolas were holding the keys last season and even comparing him to them without his goals it still stacks up.

  • If he drops below 2 quid again I might get back in for him. I only used vvd as an example but people like stones and otamendi get goals too.

  • Mina has great goalscoring potential for a centre-half. The thing that puts me off is whether his defending and passing is actually good enough for a top team.

    He's been absolutely slated at Barca for his involvement in their only league defeat (5-4 vs Levante) last season. I think some of the criticism is unfair, because if you've barely played in three months, it's harsh to expect someone to come into an established team and do well immediately. But still... there's a nagging doubt that his defensive work is not up to scratch.

    As others have said, if he goes to Utd, he could be a sensation and the first £4 defender or alternatively he could flop, get slated by Mourinho (Shaw-style) and tank down to £1 or less.

    Tricky one to call.

  • Wish I kept him now lol

  • As a United fan i cant believe we are buying someone on the basis of 1 game in the World Cup.

    Could be a smoke screen easily.

  • Could well be Jose and Utd using him to lower the price on Toby or Maguire BUT I'm convinced Mina is surplus to requirements at Barca and will move somewhere high profile and all teams win corners which means Mina will score goals wherever he goes - I'm in for the long run and could slap Pekerman with a wet kipper for benching him vs Japan (as I stupidly sold half of my holding at that point!)

    I see he's now 7th in the Defender list and rising!!! #smugishprediction

  • But you would have thought united have their targets before the World Cup.

    Mina was never likely on the radar, about two games for Barca and was rubbish.

    They could easily of scouted Maguire before and obv Toby links.

    I still think they could get Maguire.

  • @NewUser60527 I don't, I think we could see Toby and Martial swapping over and Utd picking up Willian.

    Levy won't mind Utd leaving it til the last minute as he's ice cool in those situations but at the same time doesn't have much affection for the Manc's following the Berbatov deal so I doubt he'll let Toby go on the cheap. He might even think I'll sell him in January if I need to.

    From a Spurs perspective Vertonghen (alongside Dembele) only has 1 year on his contract too, we're at serious risk of losing both before the season starts although the media aren't interested in that story for some reason.

    I also suspect that Poch may have asked Davinson about Mina as he must know him pretty well. An outside bet could be Spurs going in for Mina and making £20m profit with Toby outgoing. I don't think that will happen by the way.

  • Well after this ‘leaked’ news that Toby, dembele and rose are for sale that surely ,means United are in for Toby, just being played out last minute.

    Mina is all bullshit.

  • @NewUser60527 I could see them buying both, it's not like Mourinho's heaped praise on any of his defenders but Dalot this year!

  • Mina transfer to man u off

  • @Porkisgood it's all good Spurs will replace Toby with him ;-)

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