Deposit bonus

  • How long does it take for bonus to be credited to your account? I opted in to the offer, deposited 500, spent it on players and still no bonus! Any1 have the same problem?

  • @JoJo You've obviously missed the memo on this one!

    Don't shoot the messenger but the Promotional Period has been extended - don't worry about getting your £50 as long as you didn't withdraw before midnight last night BUT the bonus will be paid on the 7th (might be the 6th or 8th can't remember) now instead.

    You are now free to withdraw your cash and STILL receive your £50, however if you want to put more in before the 6th Aug to qualify for even more bonus then you need to refrain from withdrawing.

    Hope this makes sense :-)

  • Ah right, i get it now. I thought it was just a case of make a deposit and the bonus gets added to your account instantly lol. Cheers mate

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