Adam Ounas 78p?

  • Just wanted to know what people think of Adam Ounas at Lazio?
    He seemed a promising player in France but didn't ever seem to be in favour with Sarri since his move.
    It seems though that Ancelotti is a fan.
    Just wanted to know everyones thoughts and at 78p he could be a steal if he fulfils some of his potential this season, similar style to Mahrez but more direct and not just because they are both Algerian!

  • He's had a really good pre-season. Napoli dont have a huge squad so I think he could get a chance this year.

  • @playingcards1 i think so too, and especially if Martens ends up leaving it could open up a spot in the front three although i can't see him playing up top he could slot into the wing and Callejon or insigne moves inside. I think he has a lot of potential for growth this season with the new manager having faith in him.

  • @SB i bought Marko ROG insted at 69p...similar situation with him ! will see whats happen but IMO both will play lots .

  • @Mundek same could be said for Milik, and he's a pure forward, where Rog is a attacking MF. I cant see Callejon going though the middle that deep ball to the right back post for him to run on to is just to juicy and yields loads of goals.

  • @Mundek @Misto Yea all seem to have a window of opportunity this season, we will have to see who really grasps the opportunity, may be worth hedging on 2 out of the three and seeing where they go. will be interesting to revisit this during the season to see which player really staked a claim

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