Close season V In-season

  • Hi, I’ve just joined and interested in learning about what is in store over the next few months. I’m guessing that there is a big difference between close season and when the season starts?? Which time of year do you prefer or does it not matter? Guessing the close season is more transfer orientated and actual season more performance orientated, or is that over-simplyfying things???? Biggest gains to be had predicting which new transfers will have an impact??

  • hey. im new tho this too. so am interested in any comments.

  • The Index has grown so much over this year that it’s really hard to predict. Last year the volatility and spikes all happened in the close season, and it settled down somewhat when the games started. But the Index was purely built on media buzz then so transfer rumours were followed more doggedly.

    We’ll all be seeing what happens this time around. I think there’ll be a real rush of money into the players that post some big early PB scores.

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