Sessegnon and Hudson -Odi

  • £3.44 and £2.91

    Will Hudson Odi catch up? Sarri said he is staying with Chelsea last night, I was thinking he could do well in the Europa league and get some minutes in the league and potentially cups, could be good for Mb and pb so I brought a few.

    He does look good though, beating Bellerin for pace is no mean feat.

    What a potential left side for England though.

  • @NewUser60527 I sold Hudson Odoi at £2.24 not thinking he would reach this high lol.

  • I’m still not sure how much game time he will get. Sarri said explicitly that he was one for the future then when asked if he would be in the starting eleven I think he possibly misunderstood the question because his reply was along the lines of “he will stay with us”. That doesn’t seem like he’s saying he’ll be starting. I can see him getting impact sub appearances. A lot will depend on how Chelsea do in what remains of the transfer window of course

  • It will be good to see him in the charity shield.

  • Personally was happy to sell Odoi today at a 70p increase per share. He may well increase further but I’m happy to stick to my plans.

  • Also sold CHO a long time ago and could have been looking at mega profits by now but hey can't win them all - if he starts the community shield looks like he'll just keep rising!

  • I brought him on the basis that FI should be bringing in more customers this season especially with the sky sports advert, john motson and Bristol rovers shirt advertising.

    Last years £1-2 players now seem to be going toward £2-£4.

  • @NewUser60527 I bought him at £2.80 yesterday after the game and now he is at £3.26 (£8 profit) most of that within the last 2 hours as I've watched it. He's staying at Chelsea and will play some league but all

  • It looks like I've missed out on £330 of potential further profit by selling early. Still though I admit I feel disappointed I did re-invest it into other young players who've also risen up, not as much though ha-ha.

  • It feels like a high price to pay for potential. He now costs more than Lo Celso and Insigne and is creeping up on Icardi. Given that he's unlikely to get any dividends this season there are going to be a lot of people with a lot of dormant money tied up in him. Fair play if he breaks into the first team and becomes a regular dividend winner this season, but I'm not convinced.

  • Lots of potential, but surely Sess will get more match time (and therefore more PB and MB opportunities) this season.

  • Got CHO yesterday at £2.41 and currently up 90p .... so happy that i bought all 5 of them futures in him!!! 😫😫😭😭 lol

  • Got 15 CHO @ £2.21 sold 15 @ £2.82 then repurchased 5 @ £2.85 and resold again at £3.31!

  • @NewUser60527 A great observation - the dividend yield has not been increased though so the value on offer is substantially less. People will figure this out eventually.

  • I'm new to this platform but all in on Mount and CHO.

    I'm sure I will change approach eventually whilst I spend more time learning and absorbing information.

    This seems to go against the traditional dividends approach.

    -CHO will play EL. Hazard will get rested.

    -Will Sarri convert hazard to middle of front free (a la Mertens?) with Morata misifiring, Giroud (Plan B football) and Bats an unknown in the PL.... If that is the case and CHO continues to show promise, there is scope for him to get PL minutes.

    -Chelsea need another CM before window closes. We are set for wingers it seems although some Chelsea fans will disagree....

    -Index going up through sheer numbers will drive up price. CHO very topical at the moment - English, young, exciting.

    -Not familiar with sessegnon so cannot compare.

  • Both seem overpriced for me, never expected to see them go so high so early.

  • I think if CHO starts on Sunday he will have another big rise. Think he is about the same level as Foden but think he will get a fair bit of game time this season. If Willian leaves I'd be tempted to go big bucks on him. Think the index will go mad for a potential England superstar break through season! Could pick up som MB along the way

  • Wrote my message above in haste.
    To simplify.....

    CHO starts versus Inter. Gets man of the match.

    CHO starts versus arsenal.
    Live text on BBC.
    Good performance, lots of hype.
    Lots of media attention.

    A lot of people have just received their pay this month...

    Sarri says he’s in first squad.

    World Cup/Conte leaving has created an opportunity to gain lots of minutes in pre-season.

    That being said, no idea what his value is.
    The metrics on this platform are too simple.

  • @TommyT

    Seen foden play, underwhelming.

    Cho - exciting attacker.

    Massive difference.

    I brought and sold today, got out at 3.31 made a nice profit . never thought he would rise so quick.

  • @NewUser I figured that out about 5 months ago. They still haven't increased the dividends though and won't until they have to. They'll milk it as long as they can first.

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