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  • Good morning all,

    I hope everyone is well.

    Is the performance buzz for each of the five leagues and CL/EL?
    For example, all leagues are playing on Monday. There will be five top forwards in total and therefore, five forwards will each receive a PB.

    Or is it the best player at their position across all five leagues?
    Same example as above but CHO (believe the hype) wins best forward and therefore, only he gets a PB. Only one PB for the forwards is awarded across all five leagues.

    I may have overlooked this somewhere but cannot find anything.... this isn’t clear.:

    I am new here so it will affect my investment strategy.
    Found about it being a bristol rovers fan :)

    Many thanks,


  • Top forward, top midfield, top defender and star player (person with the highest score from the 3 catafories)... 1 for each across all the games for that day... payouts are dependant on how many games are on that particular day, there is a poster knocking about somewhere with the payout amounts explained, ill try and find it.
    Hope this helps

  • I cant copy the pic onto here for some reason, if your on twitter search @theFIinvestor... hes got the useful pics pinned to the top of his page.

  • Thank you - That’s really helpful.

    I did think that it would be too lucrative if dividends were paid for every league but having seen some of the ROI numbers, I wanted to make sure!

    That’s why people are so high on Neymar then? Young, weaker league than most, PSG powerhouse etc.

    Have a good day,


  • Yeah thats my reason for sticking with neymar, media love him and also plays in a poor league so wins PB regular.. suppose thats why he is the price he is haha

  • This post is deleted!

  • Great you joined up through the Bristol Rovers shirt deal - maybe we'll see a wave of fans joining !

  • @Indexical

    Indeed :)

    The people that I have spoken to are not aware of the platform.
    I think any advertising will be huge.

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