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  • Good Morning All,

    Having worked at a brokers and with some skin in the stock markets, I am familiar with lots of parameters that do not seem available on FI.

    For example, number of shares (market cap then possible), historic dividend yield and so forth.

    I appreciate that FI is less mature than traditional stock markets.
    However, I wanted to make sure that this isn’t already available and that I wasn’t missing anything?

    I ask because, having done a little research, I am stumbling across blogs and analysis that seems to have such data....

    Many thanks,


  • @NewUser161037 It is a bit under developed and could do with some changes. Adam Cole said a while ago he was going to update the website or change it into a new one or something. Whether he will be making these changes or not is another thing.

  • @NewUser161037 there a number of independent data providers such as myself who have manually collated tgis data and sell it to other index users.

    My product is £1 a month and you can email me at for a free sample

    Index edge is £6.49 a month

    Scout is £5 a month

  • @Noirx4

    Thanks - I’ll bear that in mind when the season begins.

    Have a good evening.

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