Charly Musonda

  • Thought on him? Any possibility of him getting game time under sari? Thought he was wasted at Celtic personally ( Celtic fan ) and Chelsea fans were singing his praises when he got game time under conte! Plus was good at betis the season before. Just wondering peoples thoughts...

  • Hi Chris,

    Good question. Just about to leave work so lazily not looking at price. How much is he?

    Betis loan was really good. Erratic but showed a lot of promise and talent. Didn't look out of place.

    Celtic loan was supposed to progress this but it didn't materialise. Now he is behind the pecking order - Hazard, CHO, Piazon, Musonda. Some may disagree on the last two places but Piazon has always been respectful and showed promise when injury free.

    Like most Chelsea academy players, loans need an element of luck. Musonda didn't get that at Celtic but he also didn't cover himself in positivity when he tweeted about his situation....

    He won't stay at Chelsea this year due to the above so his price and promise will only rise if he gets starting minutes at another club, whether that is a loan or transfer.


  • I think Barkley and cheek are ahead. This lads got no chance, he will be sold probably.

    Don’t forget most of the Chelsea academy gets sold its just a money maker.

  • @NewUser60527 agree with that! 95p - you can spent that better at the moment:]

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