Vinicius Junior will go up and up!

  • Thoughts?

  • For every Neymar there’s are 10 Gabigols...

  • ...and don't forget Rodyrgo. They both could have very promising futures!
    I think we could see a little drop on his value, just because I don't see him walking into the starting line up week in week out and that will surely see some sell off? He is a much rougher diamond than when Neymar arrived in Europe.

    Rougher still is Rodrygo who got more people talking in Brazil. There is a sense of more young talent than they even saw in Neymar and coming from the same set up as Neymar...if I had £100 that I was happy to lose and had to choose between them, Id take the chance on Rodrygo. The smart money of course would split it.

    but @playingcards1 is not wrong. Whilst Gabigol had a horrendous time in Italy, it wasn't entirely his old doing. Seems to have suffered massive confidenc eissues since returning to Santos too.

  • @playingcards1 Freddy Adu, Donis Avdijaj, John Bostock, Jose Baxter, James Vaughan, Drenthe, Micheal Johnson, Bojan.

    Even far more proven young players than Vinicius like Adriano Leite, Saviola, Robinho, Pato etc have not met expectations. What prices would those guys have been on the index?

  • @PB-man Robinho would have been one of the highest prices players during his Madrid to city transfer and his early form

  • @TradingJournal yep he's one that might have worked out index wise to be fair. He was a far stronger and more proven talent than Vinicius when he arrived at Real though (already smashing in goals for the Brazilian national team).

    Forgot about the transfer to City that would have been a lot of buzz. Maybe Denilson to Betis for a world record fee is a better comparison (although again Denilson was more proven).

  • Martin odengard is still there, you know that Young Scandinavian player.

    Not made it yet, massive hype job 2 years ago.

  • Think both lads are going to be big stars Rodrygo is more directed and plays slightly wider and love to take people on! If I was investing Rodrygo would be my choice still only 17 and will sign for Resl Madrid on his 18th Birthday !

  • Would be a risk if both are sent to the B team initially and massive sales occur.

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