Lets do some science

  • Ok guys to try and guage how many active index users there are can you post the following 3 numbers below

    Month/year you joined
    Dividends received
    Current portfolio value

    This will allow me to calculate the average dividends per user month and help us build a picture of active users based on other metrics FI have provided

  • Month/year you joined - Jan 18
    Dividends received - £222
    Current portfolio value - £2868

  • sept 2017
    Divis 2463
    Port 23,214

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Feb 2017

  • I'm not really sure how this data would give you anything tangible to work with?

    I could have a £9 portfolio of 1 Ronaldo that would have paid more dividends than a £1m portfolio of, let's say, Milners....

  • Why is Milner always the example used in this situation 😂

  • May 18

  • @MrYaio hi, if you dont mind could you tell me how much did you invest and whats your profit in percentages?

  • @Ricky

    I loved it this morning when I woke up to find Milner sitting top of the MB screen, even it was short lived 😝

  • @MrYaio decent , well done !

  • @MrYaio one more mate...I've similar portfolio value (invested little bit more) but I'm here just 9 weeks so not bad IMO(nearly 20% up-no players above 2£ ). But I would ask you about your players you've cos i dont have dividends at all (i know that was no league just WC). And my question is have you got mix of players for PB/MB and youngs or just for PB/MB? I'm not sure if its good idea spend ££ for top players for PB/MB with small portfolio like ours?!

  • @Mundek my portfolio is now set for PB and MB is a bonus. I have a complete mixture of players and have between 15 and 30 shares max in each player. I have some big hitters like, Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba. The youngsters I have are all in PB leagues and I believe have the chance to win PB this season. With the Index flying at the moment my max cash out is now 42%. Sounds like you are doing well.

  • @MrYaio thnx and well done for you too ;] so how many futures and players you've all together mate cos i've over 3k in 50 players and not sure if its good idea-young cheap x100 or x50 shares and established players 2£ish x 10 -x50 !and no players above 2£ ...not sure if I'll get many dividends this season but I'm not bother about it :/

  • Aug 2017
    Dividends £1120
    Portfolio £14937
    ROI 49%

  • @Mundek I have 50 players too. 16 Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards. 2 players for transfer to be sold this week. I have used Noirx4's data to pick most of my players. But some are youth I have found when researching when I started, such as Fabian Ruiz, Nkunku, Le Celso and Augustin. My aim is to try for 3% dividend return a month. A lot of the PB potentials for this season i have gone for were under £2.50 and they have increased a lot on recent weeks. I won't sell them though and will evaluate them again in 3 months.

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