Have I Missed the Boat?

  • Hi all, firstly apologies for the noob question, I won't make a habit of it.

    I first joined FI about a year ago but after a couple of poor investments I lost confidence and stayed away for a few months. I've now returned and I'm kicking myself seeing how high the big hitters (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar etc) have risen in that time. I was just wondering if people on here would still consider said players to be good investments at their current prices of £9, £10+ per share? I know they're good for dividend payouts but do you expect their prices to continue to rise or am I already too late to the party on these particular players?

    Obviously I know you can't predict the future, I was just curious as to what more experienced traders than me thought. Cheers.

  • I did a similar thing as you, the difference being I stopped playing because I wasn't investing enough time in to the platform. I think to make some decent money on here you need to be brave and invest a decent amount (only what you can afford to lose) committing to investment long term, research of players (depending on strategy) and patience. Had I done all of this in the first place i would've had a very handsome return on my investment.
    However, the answer to your question which is a matter of opinion and something i imagine will be the same as most people on here..... No you're not too late. FI has a big advertisement about to start with sky sports starting 13/8/18 on MNF. For me this is the start of the platform really taking off. I hope haha

  • How high do you guys think the highest player (whoever that may be) will be this time next year?

  • @ImmaculatePasta You're similar to me. I joined FEB 2017, left APRIL 2017. Came back SEPTEMBER 2017. Didn't understand where to invest. There was a double dividends announcement and I didn't put enough money in. I missed out on potentially quadrupling my money if I had stayed rather than ever left and figured the platform out.
    Since I've come back I've piled in the cash and buy cheaper young players with potential to be as good as the big boys. My strategy works well.
    Have you missed the boat? Have I missed the boat? Could we still 10x our money through overall platform growth? I really do not know at all. I will just stick to this game and wait.

  • @ImmaculatePasta

    Yeah you definitely missed the boat ... but I'll save you a seat on the money train.

    If you know your football and can spot the trends, you can make a mint.

    The platform still has massive growth potential.

    Best of luck.

  • @Porkisgood can see neymar being £20 if he has a good season. Depends if they increase dividends I suppose but even if they don't with all the advertising I still think the index I general will at least double in terms of numbers of users within the next 2 years. People love football manager, people love fantasy football, people love gambling on football. Its all that mixed into one. What's not to get addicted to?

  • The Hudson-Odi thing is a great example of not missing the boat.

    There will always be someone to make a bit of cash on, the trick is spotting it and getting out of it or keeping the purchase.........

  • @NewUser60527 very important and good point. Thats what most people dont unterstand.

  • I have similar experience. Joined and invested about £300. Lost a bit in the beginning then managed to recovered a bit and realised that you need much more than £300 to invest, so I cashed out and stayed away for until now to realised that players are going up nicely. I decided to invest a bit more now. I think this platform has potencial to grow bigger and hopefully there is still a lot of gains for the current team. :) Like someone said above, there are a lot to like on FI. Curious to see how the market goes once the bonus are passed and ball the starts rolling.

  • I think part of the issue previously was that people thought FI was a scam that they were going to put their money into and then lose it.

    The fact FI are using people like John motson to do the advertising and using speakers like Gary Pallister and Dion Dublin at the events breeds confidence because these are real people in football, recognised all over the country.

    I think once the season kicks in there will be a lot more investment.

  • Hey Pasta,

    Joined a week ago, up 20% or so already.
    Mainly due to CHO...

    Unlikely to be as lucky in the future but stick to what you know.
    I am a Chelsea fan and try to keep on top of our academy and loans.

    Personally, I wouldn’t invest in the big players just for dividends.
    It seems many people on here got Neymar, Messi et al very early and so they have a lot of shares. Therefore, significant returns.

    As the dividend is a fixed value, their yield would be significantly greater than if you were to invest now.
    Does FI increase dividends? I am yet to ask....


  • No!

    Are the people who've been on FI for a long time selling up?


    Exactly ;-)

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