Drinkwater , Cheap @ 80p ?

  • Am I going mental here or is this price way too cheap for a once Premiership winning midfielder ?, along with the fact he is about to get transferred to another Prem team for first team football.

    Fairly new to this platform but could do with some educating on why he is so cheap compared to say Jack Grealish who is @2.30 ???

  • DD will not win MB, Grealish has a much bigger chance. PB also favours JG IMO. JG price is probably a bit inflated due to transfer rumours.....Chelsea i think?

  • @Muz , Ah so majority buy for PB ? I have not traded during the Premiership before and so far have been buying and selling when the price increases ( Mostly ) . Except today when I lost 15p per share on Axel Witzel . Thanks for the heads up Muz

  • Good question.

    I think the way FI is going at the moment.... if speculation of a move intensifies, bandwagon will start and his price whill go up. Unsure what his ceiling is as that will depend on this happening and to what club.

    Dividends is a non-story here.

    So do you think he will move?

    Regarding your second post, there seems to be a split of strategy.
    -Invest in youth/‘Underproced assets’ and hope that prices increase. The reality is that it is unlikely that you will get any dividends - or few - in the three year holding period.
    -invest in prime assets for some capital growth but receive lots of dividends.

    I suggest doing some homework first.
    I like risk and I don’t want a lot of £ stashed in prime assets waiting for dividends. There is an opportunity cost here as I believe I can make a greater return on the first strategy - I may find that my optimism is misplaced though! :)

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