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  • Hey, just want some advice . If i have 300 pound to buy players. is it worth putting it all on top 5 players? or all on young talents, I have 150 on young players now but wont revive dividends and profit is only penny's

  • @NewUser158120 I go for all young players. I find capital growth is a lot better than dividends.

  • @NewUser158120 I am fairly new myself but tend to go for players with growth potential even if they are already fairly established. Courtois would be an example, a top keeper but at a fairly low price considering where the market is at so has the potential to increase a fair amount (A long with transfer speculation also)

  • Hey,

    What’s your goal?
    How much risk do you want to take?
    Any time factors?


  • @NewUser158120 Hi mate, Im new here as well - 8weeks and I did exactly the same like you - I was asking before buy!!There are (on forum) many similar topics so research please and you will see what people advice. My first deposit -20£ then another 20£, another 100£ and so...2500£ all together! In my portfolio I dont have player above 2£ and only 2 players 26years old,NO DIVIDENDS AT ALL and managed in that 8 weeks 16% profit !! Buy cheap (the best young)and sell with profit!It will be work for you as well :]
    Top 5 players 9£ - 13£ so how many you gonna buy then hmm?? not many so...when you will spent all £££ on them after than you will sit on sofa and what??waiting for dividends only ...300£ =20xNeymar or 2xMessi +2xSalah etc , so weakly about 1£ or less!so doesnt make sens at all buying them mate before you put at least 5k or more!! IMO go for young players - my best deal was David Otto on 58p - now 133p in very short time, so over 100% ! Buy - sell few, invest somewhere else and again...slowly build your portfolio.
    But you have to decide what do you like and how you feel on FI, whats your goals ets... you can make quick money but with high risk - buying and selling everyday, very slowly - top 5 players... (possible they will rise ex:Neymar 20£, Salah 15£+ )but with that kind of money low risk high reward is what you need IMO !

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