Musa Barrow to win the Ballon d'Or before being IPO'd

  • I've ost count of the number of emails I've sent FI asking them to IPO him. By the time they do, he'll be a household name. It is a bit disappointing when you find a player really early on in their career but then they don't get IPOd until 9 months later when they've appeared on everyone's radar. I wonder if it suits FI more to have a scramble for players when they get IPOd, rather than FI releasing them early and then the growth being gradual? They could make life easier for themselves by having a template online for traders to fill in and submit with all the basic info, and maybe a free text box for a justification. Surely this would save them a bit of the legwork and speed the process up?

    Anyway don't bother investing in Barrow, he's not all that good, in fact he's a bit of a donkey...I'd steer well clear...

  • You make a top point. If you had named the thread something along the lines of "Requesting IPOs From FI" I think you'd create a lot of chat about something that would help us as "customers" and FI to provide a better service that also encourages us to invest more.

  • Looks like you found a rough diamond.

  • Yep. I've sent a few emails about a few that should have been added many months ago. I do wonder what their criteria is for adding a player. Obviously they had to add WC squad players, which totally blew up their usual criteria (whatever that is) as complete nobodys were added.

    I would certainly argue it is in FI interests for players to be IPO'd once they have a credible following

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