• Hi All,

    If you were new to this platform, why would you invest for dividends? It doesn’t make sense with such a low yield.
    I get the impression that the top10 players account for a significant amount of them. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    There seems to be a crowd that bought a lot of Neymar, Messi etc on the cheap. Huge capital growth with high dividend yields. They seem to be the ones that promote their huge dividend growth and tell everyone to buy the top5 players...

    I don’t know about the history of dividend values etc on this platform but please can someone tell me why the likes of the top dividend players continue to rise? Supply/demand - Sure. But if the dividend yield is so so low if you buy those players now....

    Is it due to risk appetite?
    Are these players the equivalent of FTSE100 dividend high yield companies such as royal Dutch shell, bp, Unilever etc? Low deviation in market value but continue to pay a steady dividend?

    I guess I am answering my own question to some extent but I’d appreciate a response from those that have some experience with this platform.


  • @Irene-goodnight

    The premium players are that price for a reason; they provide consistent dividend returns. Even at £10, players like Salah and Messi have been returning upwards of 25% a year in dividends.

  • @Irene-goodnight I agree. I'm hoping MB and PB dividends are increased to make it more sense but am starting to doubt this now.

  • @playingcards1
    Thanks for your response.

    25% - Interesting.
    Do you have anything to prove this?
    Player price relationship to dividends gained would be wonderful.

    If you cannot, perhaps one of the pay to use analysts has this information? Personally, I think this should be provided as part of the platform. People could make more informed decisions...

  • @Irene-goodnight

    Yeh there are plenty of providers who track all of this. The data service from @Noirx4 is well regarded on the forum and I think he covers dividend returns as well as PB.

  • @Irene-goodnight all the pay for data products have this. The simple reason you care about dividends is they are what makes this a legitimate investment and not just a pyramid scheme

  • You can subscribe to a data service, Noir offers one at £1 per month and filter by PB/MB dividends return ect which i find very useful. BTW welcome fellow gashead! there are quite a few of us arriving now!

  • I agree there is faster money to be made from flipping after a sharp rise than dividends in the short term if you are clever but the general consensus may disagree.
    I have made £132 from in dividends in 3months but withdrawn more than £600 in profits in the same time from sales.
    The PB and MB will only get harder with the higher number of players after IPO's. I do own Kane and Salah as my main players too, but the lesser players are the money makers for me.

  • Thanks all.

    I think you have answered my question.
    I believe it comes down to opportunity cost and risk appetite.

    I'm used to investing on AIM rather than FTSE or NASDAQ. It seems my style is more risk more reward. Thats why the dividend model here doesn't appeal that much on the face of it...

    Yes Dean. I thought best to snap up this name as soon as I could ;) best of luck to you.

  • @HappyLarry59855

    Can someone tellme what pb and mb is?!

  • @NewUser161545

    PB = Performance Buzz
    MB = Media Buzz

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