Return of IPOs

  • Hi everyone,

    When do you think we can expect IPOs return? As a new investor in the index I carried out a bit of research (mainly listening to the football index podcast which is great and is really helpful btw) prior to and just after joining the index. Heard quite alot of success stories steaming from IPOs (although people don't tend to retell mediocre to poor experiences in anything ) so I'm quite eagerly awaiting for their return to chance my luck with them. Also, if you'd like to share your own experience with and/or opinions on IPOs in this thread they'd be a great source of further research. Thanks.

  • @NewUser157299

    My advice: do not try and get involved first time around. You’ll get stung. Watch and learn what happens when a sought after player lands on the Index; it can be so volatile that it’s almost frightening! Hundreds of pounds made and lost in literally a few seconds.

  • Yeah, don't go in too big on an IPO. I've been very lucky in the past, but that is all it is. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    That said, I am keen to see a few added that really should have dropped by now.

  • Yeah I would steer clear. FI is such a good way to make money with very little risk. It seems stupid to me to spend months grinding out a profit from smart investments and then giving like 20% of it back in a few seconds in the equivalent of a roulette spin!

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