Why is Michael kean so cheap?

  • Why is Michael kean so cheap?

    I don’t get it he young English and likely to be in the line up and at 80p looks so cheap in comparison to similar pb players such as harry m at £2.67 Jordan Pickford at £1.68

  • The others are just overpriced.

    Maguire at Leicester is worth a £1.

    Same for Pickford his value is too high.

  • @NewUser60527 sorry have to disagree, Michael Keane is cheap because generally he is pretty crap and will never win PB.

    Maguire is the price He is because he is being linked to man Utd and is winning a few media buzz at the minute. He is overpriced but he's worth way more than £1 if he goes to man Utd because he's a big goal threat. Keane never scores, it makes a big difference for defenders, plus as he showed in the world cup he's good at playing the ball out of the defence which is why John stones and otamendi etc are so high because they rack up high passing scores.

  • I said £1 at Leicester.

  • @NewUser60527 fair enough but I still think he's worth double Michael Keane either way.

  • Keane is pretty poor in my opinion. And under Silva, I think Everton will be open again and he will either not play or will perform not very well!

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