What if you bought one of every player

  • Would you win or lose? You would win dividends every day

  • @Porkisgood lose heavily

  • @Noirx4 said in What if you bought one of every player:

    @Porkisgood lose heavily

    I get why you say that. But the market isn't a zero sum game atm and the net movement in the value of all players on the index is surely positive, or have I missed something key?

  • Your finger would die of boredom and fall off

  • @Dave-C said in What if you bought one of every player:

    Your finger would die of boredom and fall off

    Yeah, from sitting scratchin yer arse waiting for something to happen...

  • I was going to ask this in the "is the index over valued" thread, but here seems a good place as well.

    Could anyone work out the total value of all current listed players and the average predicted total yearly dividend paid by FI over the course of next season using the increased model from November. To work out the yield if you held 1 share of every player from now this time next year?

    Hope that made scene.

  • Mate just reading that done me lol

  • It was just a thought. Obviously I'm not going to do that. I just thought it was an interesting question. Are there other ways of getting your arse kicked zlatan style with players who do things other than get old? And are young players all going to go up in value?
    I mean look at Josh maceachran for example. When he first burst onto the scene he would be about 3 quid in today's market but like a lot of Chelsea youngsters he faded away. There's got to be a lot of players who although have made it to the index might never kick a ball

  • You would make money I believe. If you bought all players up to 27 and sold after 3 years you would be winning, as the only risk is retirement to buying every player.

  • But then you have players who retire in their 20s from injury. Very rare but I bet fabrics muamba would be around 1.80 in today's market but he retired so you would lose all your investment

  • So ive put some actual effort in now just to answer my own curiosity.

    So if you take all the players in a pb league you are looking at a cost somewhere between £1500 to £1800 using my data but i havent updated some of the cheapest priced players in quite a while hence the range. Ballpark i think if you won every dividend you are looking at about £90 in the year. Which gives you between 5 and 6% annual return. So still better than a bank.

  • @Noirx4

    That’s amazing. When you factor in the likely capital growth (and the very real possibility of a dividend increase at some point down the line) it underlines just how much latent potential the Index still has.

  • @Noirx4 thanks for the effort. Pretty much what I was asking someone to work out. 5-6% divenend return is good. However no one plays the index that way so cut away the speculative punt players and the yield gets better. Than add in growth for the overall value of your portfolio, I would say the FI isn't over valued yet.

  • Good work.

  • Guys go on www.indexgain.co.uk
    The guys there are doing some really cool stuff with the info, stats that you don't get on here

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