Adama Traore

  • Just bought some futures. Looks likely to sign for Wolves (Skybet have him 1/5). I think he was highest rated player in the championship last season on whoscored. Looking at Diego Jota price at Wolves seems a lot of room for growth if he makes the move. Friends who follow championship tell me Traore better player than Jota. Am I missing something or is he way undervalued?

  • He's improved a lot since his unimpressive spell in the Prem at Villa. He's an eye-catching player and still very young. He beats players with ease and if he can replicate that at Wolves he'll turn heads and attract investment. I've asked in another thread about him whether you get PB for completed dribbles because that would massively influence his ability to gain a decent PB base. In any case, he'll increase in price with a move from the Champ to a PB league. Somewhere between £1.70 and £2.00 seems reasonable post-transfer, his performances will determine how he goes from there. I'll be very sad to see him leave Boro, he single-handedly justified the season ticket price. Best of luck to him

  • @TommyT I don't think the lad is as good as Jota who is younger and has played for Porto. @Specksynder No PB for completed dribbles so doubt he will be a strong PB candidate. 3 goals in 52 games for Boro for Adama 18 in 46 for Jota. Great dribbler though.

  • @PB-man
    I can't comment on Jota as I've not seen much of him but heard a lot of good things. Adama isn't much of a goalscorer yet but he's got a lot of room for improvement. I've got quite a bit in him and plan to hold onto the majority over the next season. Could go either way but if he gets off to good, confidence-building start he'll blossom I reckon.

  • @PB-man
    Would be delighted if it all fell through and he stayed at Boro . However, Pulis said in his pre-match today that they would be losing a couple more before the end of the transfer window so not confident.

  • @Specksynder Adama is a good player who will improve but i don't think his style is brilliant for PB (see also Hazard, Mbappe).

  • He scored 5 in 34 last season. Wikipedia giving wrong info. Fake news lol! The 5 in 34 is from various other sources. 10 assists also.
    Agree about his style not being ideal for PB. Don't get points for dribbles complete and pretty sure that will never change. I still think he has a big rise in him if he moves to Wolves as traders are often attracted to exciting players like him.

  • He wont ever win Mb and there are miles better players for pb. He is a complete waste of money long term.

    You might earn a few quid if you flip him if there is a rise.

  • @TommyT haha damn you Wikipedia! Still not a brilliant return though. there a lots of players the same price or lower who are better PB prospects.

  • @NewUser60527 said in Adama Traore:

    He wont ever win Mb

    Not sure that's completely true. If he's top 200 he will win the odd dividend

    Little fun fact not meant to support my point above - He can't be beaten to MB by any other Adama! He's like Jet Li in The One

  • No end product. Poor man's Bolasie.

  • Adama traore isn't on the index so you've bought the wrong traore

  • @NewUser162438

    My bad he comes under adama, thought you'd bought Monaco player

  • The Monaco Adama Traore isn't a bad player at all with a lot of potential, especially now Thomas Lemar has left.

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