• Surely if mount has a game similar to CHO he will rise big time?

  • @NewUser4641


    I've got a lot invested in mount.

    CHO has gone up a lot as he plays for a Premier League team and therefore, can get dividends. Although he is unlikely to get many PL minutes (this is up for debate), he is likely to play a lot in the Europa League. This also provides dividends.

    This is factored into the price.

    Mount has a similar talent and ceiling but will get no dividends this year. Of course, he may do so next year :)

    That being said, another bandwagon could start. There is only one game tonight. Is it on TV? A start would be a huge start....

    Hope that helps.

  • CHO is an exciting attacker which do well on the index. Prem and European football potential.

    Mount - decent midfielder in the championship.

    That’s my sum up of the situation.

    Don’t except a big rise.

  • I held Mount at £1.40 first and then sold him at £1.95. Whilst he's at Derby I'm not expecting much of a rise. If he had stayed at Chelsea then I may have said he could go up the same as CHO. I said about a month ago I thought he could go up to £4 in 6 months and people slated me badly for it. Because he is at Derby I don't think he'll go up but if he stayed at Chelsea he may have had a similar rise to CHO and I may have been right.

  • Looking at Ryan Sessingion last season dividends isn’t the be all and end all for player rises, if he perform he will rise. I also reckon he may get called up to England squads as Southgate tries to intergrate youth.
    Watch this space

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