What are peoples long term aims off the FI?

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    I'm losing my job at the end of this month, with quite a large payout (I'm walking straight into another job so it's all fine) but that payout coupled with what I have in the index is enough for a deposit on a new house.

    So I'm quite lucky that investing my funds in the index (which I know doubt would have blown had it been sat in a bank account) has coincided with this lump sum of cash, if one of these things hasn't happened I wouldn't be about to purchase our new house

    Ironically as well, the money that I have invested in the index is a payout from when I lost my previous job!

  • @Wolves_Ay_We I love that. You could frame it as "I put loads of money on a gambling website and I'm losing my job, so now I can finally buy a house" lol

  • @Misto said in What are peoples long term aims off the FI?:

    @Wolves_Ay_We I love that. You could frame it as "I put loads of money on a gambling website and I'm losing my job, so now I can finally buy a house" lol

    Ha ha, well that wasn't the initial plan, but that's how it worked out!

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    Best of luck to you sir.

    I don't want to work until I am in my 50s or 60s. Life's too short. So the aim is to use investing (here and other methods) to retire early and pursue interests without having to think about how much a job pays....

    Exactly this! Hoping to pay off as much of the mortgage as soon as possible so I can give up the godforsaken shitty job.

    Good luck to you all!

  • @Irene-goodnight Thanks pal.

  • @johnboywalker We'll see in a few years. People on here have made 10x their money. For me I see it as there is only 160k users presently. I think that will go up to over 1 million users, which is 6x the amount at present. That would mean 6x amount of money put in the platform, which means 6x a players price in my mind, though I may be wrong. That along with smart investment could make my target achievable in a few years.
    I've turned a £12k portfolio into £17.7k in just over 4 months so if I can get close to 50% profit over another 4 months, and keep going I believe it is achievable.
    I respect each person's opinion though. Thank you.

  • It's so addictive though. Don't want to sell any players. I put index first. Haven't eaten in 6 months 😂

  • @Misto I guess if you do excursions everyday and add in a lot of extras, dine at the paid restaurants etc, you could come close to 5k. In fairness I paid close to that but only because I flew 1st class. Definitely a sea view - worth the extra £150 or whatever it is. In fact I learnt one time that having a spectacular view such as mountains or the sea, lights up the part of the brain that generates inspirational thoughts. And inspired thoughts can so easily make life more amazing.

  • @johnboywalker the power of compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. That figure can very easily be achieved once this is understood. The first years are not that impressive but start looking decades ahead and the results are literally mind blowing!

  • I - like a couple of you guys - am hoping that some day this can be my full time job.

    I had a decent amount of money in my bank last year after remortgaging and really went for it investing £14k over the next few months as I grew in confidence. Still been depositing since and even offered to 'invest' on behalf of others offering them much better rates than a bank would whilst making considerably more for myself using their money.

    At the moment my portfolio is just short of £70k (£20k borrowed). I know this is hugely risky but I'm a gambler at heart and don't mind high risk but ultimately I have huge faith in the platform, I have seen more and more activity on the forum, twitter, advertising etc and all very positive and with credibility of the platform seemingly improving by the day.

    As HappyLarry says, there is potential for 1 Million users, I notice that Football Manager sells over 1 million copies every year and FantasyPremierLeague has over 5 million users. These are the 2 products I most liken FI to in terms of target audience, combine that with investors and traders and I think FI has awesome potential. I realise something catastrophic could go wrong as it is still a new business but that's the risk i've decided to take.

    By my calcualtions, a portfolio of £250k making a very realistic 10% (currently averaging 14%) a year in dividends would give me the £25k a year I currently earn.

    One can but dream and I hope you are all enjoying the ride as much as I am. Good luck to all with the new season.

  • @Martino i like your strategy. I, like you, believe in the product and I m sure the platform will grow even faster in the upcoming season with the sky deal and bristol rovers deal. Without taking any risk in life you cannot be successful and become rich.

  • @Porkisgood I think a lot of people can see where you're coming from lol.

  • @NewUser38991 Cheers man, I've even bought myself a Bristol Rovers shirt lol.

  • There are a lot of responses with quite short term aims and goals, which is fine but carriers huge risk - I am yet to see any responses which indicate that they intend to invest a set final amount then withdraw profits over and above that amount which can be either dividends or trading which is surly the only long term profitable strategy!

  • Contemplating a £100 starting bank and charting progress in a blog to show what can be achieved from the index.

    Problem is could really do with a separate account so I can accurately show screen shots etc without showing my original portfolio.

    Not sure of the rules on a double account so working on ideas to show progress before I start

  • @NewUser148864 I withdrew £39 for the shirt :-P

    But seriously, I have a little more than I would like in here now after maxing out the bonus so I will be making slow gradual withdrawals to limit risk, which over the next few years will become zero and then any withdrawals will be profit and hopefully sufficient to sustain a living. Here's hoping.

  • @Mr-Matt Shhhh don't tell them that you are trading outside of the authorised areas!

  • @Martino i didnt know Bristol Rovers before. But now i m a fan of the club and I will probably also buy a shirt of Bristol Rovers

  • @NewUser38991


    We have a good squad but we really need a striker. If we do not get one before the window closes, the 5-5-0 formation jokes will continue!

  • @Irene-goodnight yes, I have seen it also during the pre season games that they need a striker. But i have heard yesterday that they plan to sign a striker next week!

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