Should the Championship be a dividend awarding league?

  • The reason i ask this question is because the championship is arguably the most competitive league in the world in regards to how many teams are actually capable of winning the league and that almost every team can beat eachother. At the very least it is more competitive than the other 4 leagues that you can win PB's for, possibly even the premier league too.
    I think if it was the 6th league that you could earn PB from it would provide more investment in the platform.
    What do you think?

  • Completely agree mate if you ask me it’s more interesting than most other countries top league and there’s some cracking players there as we’ve seen in wolves and Fulham they attract good players now aswel I don’t see why they shouldn’t to be honest

  • No to the first question. The Portugese, Dutch and Belgian leagues should be made PB eligible before the Championship purely because the quality and standard is much higher. Competitive is a very subjective term.

    Yes, it would provide more investment, but i'd prefer to see FI expand internationally than stay focused on the UK market. Making the Championship eligible (before the others) would be give out the wrong message.

  • Unless you mean as an extra dividend then it would cause the mother and father of all crashes as every player on the index would be massively devalued.

    There is a case for maybe having an extra minor dividend for minor leagues but I wouldnt have the championship as one of them. You dont want a position though where champ players are worth the same as premier league players ...

  • I think a championship spinoff would be amazing
    More IPO with penny shares!! List all the teams and all the players.... Championship Index!!!
    PB only on match days... same single double trebble days and opta stats... the people who missed the start Of FI three years ago get a secound bite at the cherry!!!

  • @NewUser88482

    Not convinced by this. At this stage in its development it’s critical for the Index to protect and shore up investments.

    Adding new leagues will devalue existing players, because it would create massively more competition for PB. Also, the Championship play 46 games each season, so they’d which would immediately eat into the MB eligible days, which further reduces the price of premium players.

    The only way to accommodate the Championship would be a football league spinoff (maybe with CH, L1, L2) as Chicken Badge suggests.

  • It should be, but it should be continued via days. If there is a bog standard Saturday in the Prem and Darren Bent bangs in 4 in a match he should get the dividend. But it shouldn't be guaranteed a dividend.

  • Already thought about this a while back. One problem would be what do you do with a successful player that wins promotion or gets purchased by an elite club in January?

    It's not the same as a player retiring or chasing the Chinese/US easy life.

  • Yes it would be nice but that extra dividend payment has to be paid for by the index some how. But then if they introduced another 1000 odd players or so that might help pay for it

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