Paul pogba to china

  • What would happen if he goes there? Will he still be on the index? If not will that muck the index up? Chinese clubs would be one of the few to pay his fee and wages

  • @Porkisgood He will still be there but his price would be likely to crash as he would no longer be in a PB-eligible league and would also be much less likely to win MB. However, it sounds like a very unlikely move to me. I'd say he's far more likely to take a pay cut it necessary and stay in Europe (if he moves at all).

  • Would have thought Oscar would be in the index

  • @Porkisgood the difference is oscar wasn't Ipo'ed when he moved to China, so they aren't going to add him until he's in a league where he may become eligible for buzz wins. Pogba is already on the index so if he moves to China they won't take him back off.

  • How much would pogba be if he moves to China? 3 quid?

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