Top 200

  • As prices are going up the top 200 is really competitive now, I was looking at Azpilicueta and he is a top defender and doesnt make it, just surprised me.

    I guess the as prices go up it makes the top 200 players even more valuable, but when there is going to be only 5p up for grabs I dont think its enough incentive to buy the highest players.

    I’m sure eventually MB will have to be increased for game days eventually or I think it should be 8p,5p,2p like non game days.

  • @NewUser60527

    I think FI will have to keep MB where it is to avoid legal problems, but they’re definitely trying to move the platform towards PB as the major focus and selling point. It’s a bigger player pool and encourages a greater volume of trading for them, and reduces the liabilities. It’s also more intuitive and accessible for new and casual investors.

    So any increased dividends I think will be focused on PB. Probably creating payouts for second and third places to further increase the spread of investments.

  • @playingcards1 How could MB cause legal problems?

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