Football Index Company Strategy

  • Monetisation strategy

    We believe our business model is significantly different from anything that has preceded it in the gambling sector. Please request a dedicated document that goes into this aspect of our business in more detail.

    In summary:
    Every Virtual Share in existence is a fixed odds bet that has been issued by us at whatever the purchase price was at the time of issue. We receive all that issue price as gross profit.

    From Gross Profit we deduct dividend payouts that will be due on that Share over time - an estimated 20%.

    15% Gambling Tax is due only on 'closed bets' (once a customer has sold his share and no longer holds it as an open bet) and where the customer 'loses' (ie sells his 'bet' for less than he bought it for). We estimate that no more than 5% gambling tax will be due in any month on Shares issued, as shares are generally held for a significant period and it's been very rare to date that they have been sold for less than the purchase price.

    It's important to point out that some shares purchased by Users have been 'pre-issued' and are currently held by another player, consequently the selling player receives the sale price and we receive only 2% trading commission. We only 'issue a new share' in response to 'excess demand' for that footballer (rather than excess supply).

    During the period of our Test Campaign 71% of Shares purchased were issued directly by us and were not offered for sale by Users in the market.

    Gross Gambling Yield (profit) on the £17bn bet on football this year is likely to be less than 4.5%. Our margin is demonstrably considerably higher than that figure.

    Our goal is to build a football stock market, with a market cap of £100m.

    Use of proceeds

    Use of funds:

    • 20% of funds develop technology and infrastructure.

    • 80% marketing budget to scale the platform.

  • @Ollie i m a bit confused. From where do you have this information / insights? Are you working for FI?

  • No, I'm just a punter. I looked it up on Seedrs
    They're the crowdfunding platform where FI launched. I read something there about a three year rule to do with Seedrs, so I don't know if that's connected with only holding players for three years. But I can't find it now. Perhaps someone knows a bit more about it.

  • @Ollie ok, but its quite old -its from 2016. Nonetheless it shows that FI is a very healthy company. I m sure that they are not so far away from the target market cap of 100 Million.... they need to readjust this figure IMO.

  • Yes, I just put it up as a refresh for new members

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