Defenders value

  • I'm new here but surely the best value in terms of dividends has to be from goalkeepers and defenders. As only 35 in the top 200?
    Player buzz has to be highly likely for the top players in this bracket?

  • @NewUser162438 maybe defenders but absolutely 100% not from goalkeepers.

    As you say you are new so you may not have seen any games where performance buzz in involved.

    For the record anyone on the index can win performance buzz provided they play on one of the top 5 qualifying leagues or the champions league or Europa league. Only top 200 van win media buzz just in case you are mixing up the 2.

    For me the best players for FI are forwards who play deeper so touch the ball more often than an out and out striker. These type of players are usually most expensive though.

    Defenders are good but unless they get a goal every now and then they rarely win the buzz.

    Hope this helps.

  • @NewUser162438

    The only distinction between the top 200 and the squad is that the former can win media buzz. It’s a slightly awkward legacy from when the Index was established, and it was just 200 players competing for a daily 5p media buzz. To protect existing investments Football Index had to maintain this ringfence when they introduced performance buzz (PB) and massively increased the pool of players.

    Nowadays the platform has shifted to be more about the performance buzz, which any player can win. So although there are very few defenders in the top 200, they very rarely win media buzz, so it doesn’t really make them good value in this sense.

    I do think they’re comparatively undervalued for PB though.

  • Same topic but different angle. Why are good defenders so cheap?

  • @KingZ

    Their historic buzz performance I guess. But I totally agree; absolutely top quality defenders with guaranteed gametime can still be bought for peanuts relative to their teammates.

  • @playingcards1
    Sorry, I'm new to this too. But why aren't defenders good PB value?

  • They are. They’re just not great MB value, as they rarely attract the same amount of headlines as attacking players.

  • @NewUser162438 i prefer strikers....

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