Why is instant sell suspended on some players?

  • I went to instant sell and it won't let me. Do they know something we don't?

  • Something's up. Went to buy a player who's £4.67, and it'll cost me £6.74 per future...
    Selling him would be £0.00 instant sell.

  • Vidal listed at £1.74, costs £1.47
    I'd avoid buying anyone until this is fixed, you don't want to get caught up in potential legal issues being accused of something funny...

  • @CleanShirtTrader Stop scaremongering.
    FIndex will not start any legal issues unless you are doing something underhand!!!

  • @Kev-R Now now. There's no need to be like this just because you were called out on something :)
    If you're serious about this, though, let me know and I'll be happy to start an adult conversation.

  • Is there anyone cheaper who shouldn't be?😂

  • Hi all, can anyone confirm whether or not instant sell is currently suspended?

    Yesterday was the first time I have tried to instant sell as I wanted to reinvest quickly without putting in new funds, obviously it wouldn't let me, citing "error, try again later".

    I have the said futures queued for sale now and don't want to cancel and lose my place just to try and instant sell and get the same response.

    I appreciate it's mentioned as a possibility in T&C's but I thought it meant as an extreme measure like "acts of god" in your home insurance.

  • @Legion

    Try buying 1 future in a circa 20p player and then instant selling him. You'll lose a couple of pennies, but you'll have your answer.

    I wouldn't rely on whether other people can instant sell or not, as the vagaries of FI's tech issues means that it's not unusual for one person to be able to instant sell and another not.

  • @ocs123 Thanks for the reply OCS, just like most good ideas, "why didn't I think of that?" :D

  • This issue has become a deciding factor in me quiting FI all together. Real shame I was very much hyped and made £300 in my first couple of weeks just from a £1000 investment in young players.

    But it all comes down to safety for my money...I too tried to instant sell my futures recently over the course of 3 days it was suspended on all of my players! It was annoying more than a panic as they were not dropping they were stable and even slightly increasing still.

    Nevertheless if I had 50k in the platform I would be crapping myself to the fact that at any given time something could happen and I would literally have no way of getting my 50k. No instant sell for 3 days...just scary.

    I havnt posted until now that I’ve managed to finally sell up and withdraw. Please be careful guys it’s a great idea when your depositing and your money is rising. But if something happens and you can’t get your money for that period of time it could be a very different story...only stick in here what you can afford to lose altogether.

  • On the other hand, if there was a rumour about FI being dodgy and everyone started to instant sell then everyone would shit themselves and take there money out for no reason.

    The suspension of instant sell is actually a safety measure to protect portfolios.

  • Suspending instant sells prevents market panic. It’s actually a very common feature in stock markets and usually happens a few times a year. Google Rule 48 and circuit breakers.

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane the exact same reason I pulled out all my money 16k last week. Fi sucks you into ploughing more and more money in as it seems easy money but sooner or later that instant sell is going to be unavailable when u need it, and they can do it as an when they like and to whomever they choose it was unavailable to me on any player for over hour yet others were selling as prices were dropping.

  • @Don-keyballs so what are you doing here now in this forum?

    Instant sell suspended is a good thing, it reduces the potential loss. I know most of the people dont unterstand that.

  • And btw: with the order book which will be launched this year everything will chance..... everything will be even more transparent

  • @Rosco8P6Coltrane I've had times where instant sell becomes unavailable but if you ride it out you'll be fine. I have made £6k in just over 4 months out this thing and there is no way I'm leaving until it reaches the top.

  • As I said prices were increasing not dropping so the supposed safety feature shouldn’t have been apparent it just didn’t work for 3 days! (A lot of ppl don’t notice this I think as most are buying not selling in bulk)

    I wanted to post it because it is scary wether you mask it or not, if they removed the instant sell for any reason ppl would not want to buy, just sell.... nobody would buy... just contemplate that for a second.. you would lose everything.

    Yes you may make some dividends along the way and yes your portfolio will increase just be careful is all I say. It just is to risky for me to rely on somebody else Incontrol of my money.

    It’s a shame I was really enjoying it. And if I wouldn’t have made a quick £300 and attempted the instant sells I would never have known and probably still be carrying on.

  • Instant sell will be a thing of the past when order books come in later this season, so will become a non entity.

  • @NewUser148864 Lots of people won't understand why, but you are 100% correct.

  • Why not just withdraw your original deposit and carry on with a free ride on the profit if you are that worried? Your not going to lose anything, seems a bit knee jerk to me but each to their own.

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