Serious technical Problems Players missing No CS

  • Anybody else having the same problem. Got a few k in my portfolio and this is a bit worrying now. Besides 1 generic message I had no customer service or email reply from about a week now. Missing
    (Fri 03/08/18 - 09:01:38 Purchased Harry Maguire 30 -£77.70) 80gbp in Maguire, bought at 2.59, he is going up now, but in portfolio shows only 10 units, wanted to buy more coz did not wanted to miss the grow but it's too late now. Anybody else struggling with CS and what about a missing player how it will be added to my portfolio?

  • @NewUser155102 see MikeB_FI on twitter. They are working on it. But Contact him via twitter i would suggest.

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