Will he stay or will he go???

  • With United preparing another bid for Harry McGuire I'm curious as to what people think will happen. I've missed most of his price spike to be fair and only got on him at the £2.70 mark but the question is can he hit the £3+ mark again if he does make the switch

  • Not worth the gamble at that price. Maybe £3 plus some MB if he goes. If not his price will drop more.

  • I'm looking to jump around the £3 - 3.05 mark IF he makes that

  • @NewUser125668 I think u have got in on the way down.

  • The very very best defenders are £3. They are playing for teams that can win CL.
    He isn’t in the same league.
    He is quite likely to be a Leicester defender next season, they don’t sell just because one of the big boys asks. They kept mahrez through 2 transfer windows against his will.
    They won’t sell him, he’ll be 1.50ish by mid September

  • On a pure footballing front I think he's a great player, but statistically he scores 1 in 20ish which doesn't make him any more valuable than Bailly at Utd for me. Smalling is probably their most prolific defender from what I can see.

  • He will drop to 2.30 once he joins man u

  • He could easily get better, no one thought he would do what he did in the World Cup.

    As a united I would rather him than Toby who is almost 30.

    Would Leicester really turn down a world record fee for a defender?.

    The prices on the index have gone nuts in the last few months, maybe £4 for top defenders is not unthinkable, I alluded to this in another post that last years £1 are now £2-3.
    This seasons prices wont be like last year.

  • @NewUser60527 I agree BUT look at Leicester with mahrez, they're not stuck for cash so they don't actually need to sell + their 1st game is against them so I see the deal as a 50/50. If he does drop badly it won't be too bad for me because I only bought around 20 shares

  • @NewUser125668 i think he is a bit overvalued at that price

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