Stats on Europe’s top young scoring talent from fivethirtyeight

  • From stats site FiveThirtyEight:


    Kelechi Iheanacho 0.96
    Kylian Mbappe 0.91
    Gabriel Jesus 0.88
    Timo Werner 0.68
    Ousmane Dembele 0.68
    Anastasios Donis 0.62
    Patrick Cutrone 0.61
    Ademola Lookman 0.59
    Maxi Gomez 0.59
    Leroy Sane 0.58
    Dele Alli 0.57

  • This is for players aged 21 and under. Some interesting names alongside the usual suspects.

  • Interesting but potentially misleading from a PB perspective.

    PB is very difficult to win if a player is frequently subbed on or off; they generally need the full 90 minutes to register a competitive score.

    Players like Iheanacho and Gomez may return a good number of goals and assists “per 90 minutes played” but this playing time is spread over multiple games; they rarely get the chance to play a full 90 mins in a single match.

    Thats why i think this data serves more to back up the big name starters like Werner and Mbappe.

  • @playingcards1 Of course it's not a true reflection of PB potential but teams use this data for scouting (Brighton and Liverpool the most famous examples) so it is a good way to flag up young talents.

    If some of these players start to play more 90 minutes (particularly Iheanacho, Donis and Lookman) then they will score and assist. For the cheaper ones PB can be a little bit of an afterthought for now (although most of these players did put up 150+ scores so they could win on a good day) since they should improve or move to better teams.

  • I managed to pick up Iheanacho at 95p only a week or so ago, he is one of the players i'm most excited about in my portfolio for this season!

  • @Gasdean Great work. I was on him at 80p and Donis at 52p due to these stats. If they can produce those numbers regularly they will rise.

    Donis in particular I'm excited about. He did this to Bayern at the end of last season (for a 165 pb score):

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