What happens after 3 years?

  • I remember reading something at some point saying your futures were valid for three years and then they expire. What happens at this point? Does the index pay you market value for them or do you just lose them if you've not cashed in? TIA

  • Lose them if your holding after 3 years

  • In theory you will just sell them a day before the expire. And then rebuy if you want to reset the clock.

    If you just view it as a 4% renewal fee (instant sell + commission) every three years, some of the long term holds start to look very good value.

  • does anyone know if you will get promoted say the day before if you have held for 3 years? or will you just look at your portfolio the next day to find they have disappeared?

    I know its very unlikly to hold for 3 years

  • @B1992G

    There has been talk of FI adding push notifications or a visual aid in the platform overhaul. So you can track how long your shares remain valid.

  • Is there any kind of push notification when the three years is almost up, or do we have to track purchase dates manually?

    The app doesn’t even tell me when I purchased futures (maybe we can find this on the desktop version, I dont know, haven’t looked..).

    In fact there’s a lot more the app could offer in the future (unless I’m missing something..), eg:

    • add players to a ‘watchlist’ or ‘shortlist’
    • tag players in your portfolio into different categories, e.g. long-term; over 30s..
    • set push notifications if a player reaches a target price..

  • @NewUser161868 Your transaction history should list the dates against your futures?

  • @playingcards1 Yes, except for leaving it a day before is a bit close to the edge. If people did that and then realised that instant sell is blocked then it would be a disaster.

  • I have a spreadsheet where I track everything to do with all my trades. Includes a little field with the date that the 3 years is up and is formatted to go red a month before the deadline. I've only been on the index about 8 months so actually looking forward to one finally going red, only just over 2 years to go... lol

  • @Safri15 Could you please share your spreadsheet on google docs. Sounds very useful.

  • @Misto said in What happens after 3 years?:

    @Safri15 Could you please share your spreadsheet on google docs. Sounds very useful.

    Sure, for just £3.67 a month you can enjoy all the... just kidding :-P
    Bump this tomorrow as only have it on my work PC and I'll send it over 👍

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