Reece Oxford

  • I just want to know people's thoughts on Reece Oxford. I'm quite new to this so trying to understand how people think regarding players and if this would be a good acquisition. So there has been transfer rumours that Everton are considering Reece Oxford at £3mil. He is still a teen at the moment (20 in December) and he has had experience in the prem and abroad with Gladbach.

    At 94p would you say he's a steal as he is still quite young and has the potential to become a physical prem type player we have become accustomed to seeing and develop a good football brain under Silva? From what I'm seeing it seems that for a young English prospect he could be undervalued.

  • @NewUser162399 a young player with potential. Its a player to keep an eye on next season at West ham. Hope he often plays....

  • @NewUser162399 Hi, I'm new here too ;] I think you said everything about him mate and I agree with you. Everton (Silva) looking to add defensive depth and that will be very good move for him IMO. In WHU is to many Def and they just bought Diop and Balbuena so not much room for him to develop :/ In Everton Oxford will be behind Mason Holgate with Everton currently only having three senior centrebacks.
    I bought him on 78p anyway...

    As well mate if you are interesting have a look on Jonjoe Kenny (58p) - he played lots when Coleman was injured, this season probably back up but IMO not for long!

  • @NewUser162399 @Mundek @NewUser38991 Yea i agree, i think the experience in Germany will have helped him greatly and he will gradually improve. Could be a good shout as he definitely seems underpriced for a young english player who has so much potential! I think its a good choice mate!

  • Remember seeing his Debut, youngest ever Hammer if I remember rightly, he was highly tipped. Personally thought he was a midfielder but see he is now a defender.

    Everton defence is poor, Mina deal is far from sorted. Not sure if oxford gets a game to be honest.

    As an Everton fan, I had heard good things about Kenny but found him terrible last season, admittedly in a bad team! Would rather take a punt on Kieran Dowell but don’t hold either.

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